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Similar books. recommendations please!!
F.B. F.B. Oct 04, 2016 01:09AM
I love this series. Adore it even. I like the alien/human romance, but i also love the barbaric/prehistoric type of lifestyle.

Any books that you've loved in this genre with similar themes would be appreciated. thank you.

OK so for barbaric/prehistoric type of lifestyle check out The Earth's Children series by Jean M Auel - first book is The Clan of the Cave Bear.
Tips - book 1 is totally different to the rest of the series, if you don't get into the medicine stuff (I didnt take a lot of it in) its ok to skip some pages, from half way through book 2 the series really started for me.
Its set Neanderthal/Cromagnan man type period. Its very interesting. There is a love story.

Ts Joyce writes some good series that I liked as well as this one. I love ice planet barbarians and am looking for a similar series as well. So far nothing has turned up. Btw some ppl recommend Venemous....Not even close. The only other option I would give would be Galactic Gladiator by Anna Hackett. That series was pretty good.

I really loved Draxonian Wariors series by Ella Maven plus the two spin-off series. =)

Taken to Voraxia (Xiveri mates series) by Elizabeth Stephen's.
Check the trigger warnings. I was so invested in this book by page 30 I couldn't put it down

Try the Warlord series by Elizabeth Vaughan or Transcendence by Shay Savage.

very similar : the blue Barbarians serie by Rena Marks. I enjoyed these books a lot.

I don't know any series about alien/human romance besides this one. But if you like alpha-male romance style, Psy-Changeling by Nailini Singh is very good!

You might like the Kindred book series. You could also love on Amazon for the genre you like as well.

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