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message 1: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina  | 7 comments Mod
In this thread you can expect spoiler discussions for the chapters 1-5

message 2: by Ezrah (new)

Ezrah (I Heart Romance) (mynameisezrah) | 2 comments I'm already waaaay past chapter 5 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE OPENING SCENE!!! It really set the stage for the creepy feel of the whole book!

Also.... Thomas? <3

message 3: by Hasmaye (new)

Hasmaye Marie (hasmayemarie) | 2 comments AHH--Thomas is exactly my type!! But I love Audrey Rose more. I would totally marry Audrey Rose if I could. Haha. Oh well, the story will keep getting better and better with the next chapters. ;)

message 4: by Marguerite (new)

Marguerite | 6 comments Just finished Chapter 5 and have to say this book really throws the reader into the action!! I don't trust any of the secondary characters at the moment (I'm suspicious of the killer being either the father or brother, but they also suspected it was a woman in real life so... maybe that could come into it too. I don't know *throws hands up*).
Also, how does everyone feel about the romance between Audrey Rose and Thomas? I think Thomas is cool, and Audrey Rose too, but I just don't feel that spark between them yet... looking forward to seeing what happens next!!

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