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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Woman is hired to teach a recently blind man who was attacked and his fiance murdered? Possibly set in 1900s?

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Lee | 1 comments Years ago I read a book from a box that belonged to a family member but they no longer have them. This book was thrown in with old V.C. Andrews books so it was an OLDER book, possobly from the 90s...maybe?
A woman, I think a teacher, is hired to go to this mansion and help a blind man. This family is rich, and this man's mother lives there along with maids, cooks, ect. He was NOT always blind. He became blind on the night his fiance was murdered? I think her name started with an L, but cant be sure. At one point, the teacher, I think she's a teacher but she may have a different title, is poisoned by wine that the mans mother left her. His mother is a little...off in the book, like guilty. The teacher and man began to fall in love, and she has him get eye surgery but it's new so they dont think it'll work. But it does and the teacher runs off scared the man wouldn't think she was beautiful. He chases her and does think she is and this makes his mother unhappy. Im pretty sure his dead fiance was cheating on him, maybe with his brother or cousin...it's some man thats there at their mansuon for dinner. And the maid is murdered too.
On the COVER theres a woman with long curly brown hair and a green dress on with a large pendant necklace. The dress and pendant look old, like victorian but im pretty sure the book was NOT set at that time. The cover pic is her in the woods i think...at one point in the book she went through the woods and found the maud dead i think...?
If anyone has any clues about this book I would really appreciate some information!!!

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``Laurie (laurielynette) | 1039 comments https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/2...

There were so many great gothic suspense older books that I enjoyed reading.
Although your book description doesn't ring any bells for me the above list might have the book you're looking for.
Good luck finding your book :D

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Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
Lee, please provide plot details (no spoilers) and the genre of the book you’re looking for in the Topic header, not something vague like "Help! can't remember this book". Someone is more likely to recognize your book.

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Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
Lee, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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