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Vanessa | 148 comments Anyone who has completed Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, or who who doesn't care about spoilers can share their thoughts here. Again this section can contain SPOILERS, so if you do not want to be spoiled, I would advise a hasty retreat to the spoiler free chat.

Let the discussion begin!

Laura Handleton | 1 comments Did anyone else think that Arsinoe being a poisoner was obvious? I guessed right away that Katherine and Arsinoe's gifts were switched, mostly because there was no explanation about how they knew which sister had which gift and it seemed suspicious that 2 of 3 had no gift at all. Plus, Katherine had a familiar (Sweetheart) and Arsinoe is named ARSINOE, the most poison sounding name ever. However, after finishing the book I think there is a small chance that Katherine actually has the war gift. She is the only one that fantasized and seemed to look forward to killing her sisters, the only one that never tried to escape her murderous fate, the only one who didn't mind killing (Mirabella sobbed over her one execution, Katherine had done many without much thought), and after the ending it seems she has the temperament to lead an army. However, these things could just be a consequence of living with the viscous poisoners for so long.

I am struggling to predict the end of the series and who will be the last queen standing. At the start of the book it was looking like they all were questioning their obligation to murder enough that they might all just... not? But by the end they all seem pretty determined. As dark as this book is, I can't see the ending playing out with the sisters actually murdering each other. I'm hoping at least one sister dies--not because I dislike them, but because it would feel like a cop out if none of them died. My prediction at this point is that Mirabella will discover that the bear was a mistake and forgive Arsinoe, then try to unite the sisters. She will be the one to die, either by Katherine's hand or one of the suitors, and then the remaining two will realize what madness they are participating in and unite by the end. That being said, I have about 18% confidence in this prediction and doubt it will actually come true. We shall see by book 3! Does anyone else have predictions?

Vanessa | 148 comments Laura wrote: "Did anyone else think that Arsinoe being a poisoner was obvious? I guessed right away that Katherine and Arsinoe's gifts were switched, mostly because there was no explanation about how they knew w..."

I did not not put together that Arisinoe was a poisoner name, but now that you mention it, that was so obvious. I think I was just distracted by how much I disliked the name Arsinoe.

I hope Mirabella doesn't die--she was my favorite of the sisters! I was surprised by the ending, though. I honestly thought that they had some way of telling which girl had what power. It seems a little ridiculous that they didn't. You have one job, people.

I have no idea what's going to happen next..,and now all the sisters are mad at each other, so I'm assuming there will be some drama ahead :)

Victoria | 39 comments I've got a bunch of Predictions/ Questions :P

I also thought it was obvious early on that the gifts were switched. Since Katherine had sweetheart i figured she was a naturalist but i am expecting a better familiar then a tiny snake. She traveled home by herself (at the end of the book) and i doubt that was easy. I'm hoping she found a familiar that will be revealed in the next book.

I don't think any of the sisters will die but they might fake a death for a while. (again)
I think it will end with a "we're going to lead together!" type thing or they will to the democracy thing and vote.

I also don't think it was an accident that the girls were switched. The book said the Queen "just know" which girl has which gift but who does she tell? She leaves right after the girls are born. Are the priestess involved? Mirabella is the only gift that can't be easily hidden.

I can't believe i didn't see the Pietryr thing coming. I was a little bored with Katherine's point of view so maybe i wasn't paying as much attention as i should but it seem so obvious now that he is working with the priestesses.

It was mentioned that poisoner were also healers, Arsinoe is going to be known for her healing or some how save a friend/sister's life with this gift. She will also heal the scars on her face.

When Katherine said she wants revenge at the end of the book i'm pretty sure she means on Pietryr which might turn in to revenge on the temple.

It was mention that the goddess is not on the whole island but only in the naturalist forest Arsinoe can feel her and the priestess Autumn knows she's there. I want more information on this. But Luca is more interested in power not the goddesses will, like Autumn is. Arsinoe will have to got to the temple at some point and ask for help. (from Autumn)

Jules will find out that the first charm Arsinoe and her mom made about her and Joseph.

Joseph will die.

Why did Pietryr's dad leave the council and what happened to his mom.

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