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Seeking More Reviewers for Novel, Farewell Keystone

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message 1: by Cory (new)

Cory Clement (cory_clement) hey, seeking honest reviews for my novel Farewell Keystone! will provide free amazon 'gift' copy of book for you in return!!! heres hoping!

synopsis: The World Views Bleakest from the Bottom of the Bottle. Owen Reilly has Learned this the Hard Way Time and Time Again . Past Wrongs Mixed with Guilt, Shame and Frustration Haunt him Daily as he Struggles to Move Forward while Seeking Some Sort of Inner-Peace. Trying to Prove to those Around Him he can Actually Stay Sober This Time, Creates Purgatory in The Place he Calls, But Never Truly Felt Was Home—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
When Owen meets Sonya, an Aspiring Pro Wrestler on Her Way to a Small Town in Ohio, he Agrees to Take Her up On an Offer to Tag Along, in Effort to Escape the Ghosts of his Past, Even if only Temporarily.
As Life, Strangers and a Road Trip Unlike Anything he ever Imagined Turn his Somber Existence Upside Down, Owen Must Make a Choice....
Allow Himself to Continue Being a Prisoner of his Past in Philadelphia, or Trust his Instincts by Following the Road Ahead Towards Happiness—Even if it Involves Some Crashing and Burning Along the Way. Farewell Keystone

message 2: by Cory (new)

Cory Clement (cory_clement) refreshing this post to try and get some more reviews!

message 3: by Harini (new)

Harini (harininayak) | 3 comments Just a thought..but I guess the summary on the GR sounds / is written to weirdly . Why did you use caps on all the words ? And I didn't really understand the summary since all my attention was in ' Omg that caps writing is too annoying ' .

And the above post needs some editing . Can you tell us who it is you're requesting a review from ? A blogger , someone from an online review journal , a GR or amazon reviewer , or all of us ? And what are the formats available and if you send out print copies , where are you ready to ship them ? And most importantly , what's your target readership ? Teens , adults , children ?

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