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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Seymour | 6 comments Who can resist a book that has "Here I sit taking a shit..." as its opening line?

I am looking for a review swap or I can just give you my book in exchange for a review.

My book is Costa Rica Curious and is about me jumping off the earn-more spend-more treadmill of the American Dream and moving to Costa Rica. I cover our exploratory trip, how we came to the decision to move to a foreign country we had only been to once, and the logistics of living there.

I see the world through a prism of humor and this is apparent in my telling of tales from our Costa Rican adventure.

I am interested in reading just about anything fiction/non-ficition. I don't care for romance, westerns, or books centered around war.

I can send a .mobi or .pdf or if you can review on Goodreads and Amazon that would be lovely and I will gift you a copy or you buy mine and I'll buy yours. Really, I am easy and am just trying to get the word out about my book ... which of course you will love.


message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Stancomb (anthonystancombgmailcom) | 34 comments Just finshed Greg Seymour's Costa Rica Curious.

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