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Everyone is required to attend lessons in table manners here, taught by one of the teachers. Also, a nice sitting room for chatting with friends.

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Adelaide entered the tea room, grabbing herself a cup of tea. She sat down at a table, letting out a sigh.

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Carson | 101 comments AJ sighed and walked into the tea room carefully sliding his special gloves on his hands. He sat down with a cup of tea and rubbed the back of his neck. He was sore from falling out of a tree last night when everyone was supposed to be sleeping.

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((Would it be okay if eventually Adelaide has a crush on AJ?))

"You okay?" Adelaide asked, after sipping her tea. She looked a bit worriedly at him.

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Carson | 101 comments ((Sure! I'm actually going to be working on Twin Characters tonight while I'm at work haha))

"Oh I'm fine. I fell out of the large oak out front while I was on look-out." AJ chuckled taking a sip of his tea. The bad part of his super strength was the fact that he could feel how badly he was injured. AJ undid his shirt to show her what he thought was a bruise. He slowly revealed a piece of branch about 4 inches long impaling him in the back.

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Adelaide stood up and walked over to him "I can heal you" She said with a smile. She ebjoyed having her ability to heal, it always made her feel better seeing others no longer in pain.

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Carson | 101 comments "Thank you so much."AJ chuckled softly and looked over his shoulder." The ache was getting unbearable." He said in a dramatical manner. He closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her cool yet warm hands.

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((My posts may be a bit slow, cause I'm babysitting))

Adelaide put her hands over his injuries, healing them. While they healed on AJ's body, the injuries appeared on Adelaides body before disappearing, leaving a light scar behind on both of them. "There all healed" She said, giving him a tired smile.

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Carson | 101 comments ((That's fine))

"Thank you very much,"AJ smiled and turned to face her completely." How are you today." He rubbed one of his gloved hands through his hair. He was still a bit secretive with his new peculiar family but he was coming around. When he first arrived at the house he refused to eat for four days and had everyone worried sick about him.

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"Eh fine, I had to explain some stuff about us to a new girl. But other than that, I'm doing fine. How are you AJ?" Adelaide asked, she much preferred talking about others. She had pulled away from everyone recently, due to her nightmares getting really bad again.

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Carson | 101 comments " Oh I'm fine. I'm waiting for Miss. Lory to talk to me since yesterday I accidentally set a building on fire by sneezing." AJ chuckled softly. He was so much better with his powers now but once in a while he had a fire fit." I'm still better at pretending I'm not strong. The fire on the other hand is a lot harder to control." He looked at his gloved hands again.

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Adelaide nodded to that "I get it, healing is a good power and it's easy to control, but turning invisible is a bit harder to control. Like this morning I was invisible for a few hours" Adelaide said with a laugh.

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Carson | 101 comments "I'd prefer being invisible over setting all the townsfolk on fire with an explosive sneeze."AJ said shaking his head chuckling." I'm just thankful whenever I mess up the loop resets and everyone is walking around just fine."

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Adelaide nodded in agreement "Me too...gosh those townspeople have died so many times in my time here" Adelaide said, taking the seat across from AJ.

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Carson | 101 comments (( Would it be okay if my Twins could turn into animals?? Lmao that's the only thing I can think of))

" I always feel so bad when I set Mrs.Winston on fire."AJ shook his head slowly." I mean she is the sweetest old woman around." AJ smiled slowly. He was glad to be talking to Adelaide right now.

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Adelaide smiled thinking of Mrs. Winston "I never feel bad when her crabby husband dies though, you know he once threw hot pennies at me, because I pulled a harmless prank" Adelaide said giving a playfully grumpy face.

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Carson | 101 comments "He always smells like he just went swimming in a loo." AJ nodded completely agreeing with her," I have followed him all day once and let me tell you i think that man relieves himself in his drawers.. he then blames his wife on his smelly laundry.

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Adelaide started laughing at that, wiping a tear away from laughing so hard "I always wondered why he smelled so gross!" She exclaimed. "That poor old lady, she has a real heart of gold to deal with that man. I would had kicked out a man for doing that"

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Carson | 101 comments " It was horrid! I've noticed you can always find her in the same spot giving away candy to the kids." AJ chuckled softly." I think she did that everyday even before I came here she did."AJ looked at the table he came to the loop five years after it formed and if he was correct it was now 2016 outside of the loop and his abusing family is dead.

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Adelaide nodded "As far back as I can remember, she's been giving candy away to the children. And I've been here for a long time now"

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Carson | 101 comments "I wonder where Miss. Lory is today."AJ asked softly he hadn't seen her all day and usually she was at breakfast." I hope she's okay.

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Adelaide shrugged "I may have 'accidentally' overheard that she was going to check on another loop, apparently another one was recently infiltrated by wights." Adelaide admitted to him, putting air quotes around accidently. "I'm sure she is fine, Miss. Lory is strong and she would never abandon us, not when the threat of wights and hollows is so strong"

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Carson | 101 comments " I'm a little worried.. the loop resets soon and she is the only one able to do it.."AJ felt his arms heat up from his fire. He quickly patted off his new jacket

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"She'll be here...I know she will..." Adelaide said, trying to convince herself and AJ. She forced herself to stay completely visible.

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Carson | 101 comments " I sure hope so.." AJ nodded and finished his tea. He gave her a small smile." I'm going to go work on some potions and medicines in the basement if you need me." He stood up and straightened his shirt.

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Adelaide nodded "I'll come get you when Miss. Lory comes back" She said.

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Hanna sat with Kenneth, looking at the boy with worried eyes.

Juniper came in carrying Edith.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Skye stopped inside the room and looked around, scared. She hadn't ever done anything like this.

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Juniper took a seat, holding her sister on her lap. She was curious and a bit nervous about what was going on.

Miss Lory rushed in, taking a quick head count. She moved towards Hanna and Kenneth "Kenneth did you see something?" She asked him in a quiet tone, wanting the gist of what was going on.

Kenneth nodded to Miss Lory slightly "Wights" He spoke quietly.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Shit, Sorry Miss Lory" Lincoln said running a hand through his hair. He shook his head. Then looked at Skye, she seemed to calm a little when she saw him. He ran his hands over his face.

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"You've done nothing wrong Lincoln, I've suspect the wights would be coming for some time. I've wanted to keep this from you, but I fear I can't anymore. Nearly all the loops have been ambushed. I had hoped we would remain safe, but Kenneth has confirmed my fears that we are next" Miss Lory said. "We will be prepared though, I will not allow the wights to harm any of you." She added.

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Carson | 101 comments AJ walked into the room and turned bright red when everyone's eyes turned on him. He rubbed Tanner's back slowly. The excited boy looked over at Miss. Lory his wings came out in his excitement.

" You weren't kidding! You have a bird too!!" Tanner looked at her smiling his little wings flapping in excitement. He looked at her so happily his gear gone for a moment until he thought about the limp James in the other room.

Lucas gasped slightly." He has wings.. I've never heard of any peculiar with wings that were still alive today.." he shook his head slowly. He read in one of his books that it was a dying talent and was amazed to see someone with wings.

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Miss Lory looked down at the little boy with shock, the last person she'd met with wings was her old friend James. She knelt down in front of Tanner "Hello there, I'm Miss Lory. What's your name?" She asked him.

Adelaide leaned against the doorframe watching everyone.

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Carson | 101 comments "Hello Miss! My name is Tanner." Tanner smiled at her. He looked around at everyone and wrapped his wings around his body." Will you help me stay safe.." he asked her softly.

"Kaiya found him and his older friend by the loop entrance.. the other one is in the boys dorm." AJ too Miss.Lory softly rubbing the back of his neck.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Lincoln and I can fight Ma'am" Skye said with a slight smirk. "I might not be able to turn my powers off very well, But turning them on is no problem." She said with quite a large smile.

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Lincoln said with a nod.

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"It's wonderful to meet you Tanner" Miss Lory said with a smile. "And yes, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe" She promised, before standing straight up again "I'd like to see the other one" She said.

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Carson | 101 comments " Would you like me to come with you Ma'am?"AJ asked Miss. Lory softly. He knew she'd probably refuse but he still felt better after offering.

Tanner smiled and took Miss.Lory's hand in his. He felt better knowing he'd be safe from the monsters. He shivered slightly thinking of them.

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Miss Lory shook her head, picking Tanner up "I want you all to stay close to the home, until the threat of Wights are gone" Miss Lory instructed before walking out with Tanner in her arms still.

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Carson | 101 comments AJ walked over to Adelaide and gently set his hand on her." You should probably rest.. you look like you are about to fall asleep." He told her softly.

Isabella smiled at what the other siblings said. She knew her talent with water would come in handy just like it did when AJ set stuff on fire with his sneezes.

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"I'm fine, I've dealt with worse. What if someone else needs healing?" Adelaide asked.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Skye looked around for Lucas curiously, mainly because she didn't see him anywhere.

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Adelaide yawned, her eyes closing a bit as she leaned against the wall.

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Carson | 101 comments "Come on." AJ picked her up carefully and started to carry her to the ladies dorm room. He chuckled softly and looked at her face.

Lucas rubbed his forehead slowly. He was worried about his friends and family. He looked up at Skye and gave her a small smile.

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Adelaide struggled tiredly "I'm not tired AJ" She insisted with a yawn.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Skye smiled back and sat down next to Lucas, resting her chin on her hands

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Carson | 101 comments " You feeling okay?" Lucas asked her softly. He got up and brought her back a cup of hot chocolate before he sat back down next to her.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "This is just.....It's a lot to take in, and, I'm fine with fighting, especially to protect children, but I just got here, I don't want it to be destroyed before I've seen it all." Skye told him sadly as she sipped the hot chocolate.

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Carson | 101 comments " I'm sorry." Lucas set his hand gently on her shoulder." We will try and show you our home though.." he gave her a small smile and looked back at his feet.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Thanks." Skye said to her before she sat down, she then leaned into his side, trying to relax,

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Carson | 101 comments Lucas closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall. He was hoping his peculiar family would all make it out of this alive. He couldn't handle losing them.

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