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All aged room for boys, enough room for trunks and beds, but not a lot else. Smaller than the girls, but there are a lot less boys anyways

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Carson | 101 comments AJ laid James down on an empty bed carefully." The bird will still need to look him over his wing is broken still.." AJ said softly and reached down to pick up Tanner. " We should look in the tearoom and see if that's where everyone is gathered."

Tanner looked thankful to be off of his feet. He looked around the house his eyes wide. He was going to meet a new bird!

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Anastacia (ana3) | 140 comments Mod
Kaiya pulled up a chair next to the beds.

Adelaide nodded to AJ and left the room "Behave Kaiya" She said.

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Carson | 101 comments James groaned out softly in pain his blue eyes opening. He looked over at Kaiya slowly." Tanner...?" He asked softly hoping his little guy was alive and safe. He didn't remember how he got here or why his wing was killing him.

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"He's here, he just went to meet Miss Lory. I could take you to her" Kaiya answered him, looking relieved to see him awake.

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Carson | 101 comments James nodded and tried to sit up before falling back grimacing." I don't think I can get up little one.. I still don't have any strength.. my loop was just destroyed and I flew over a thousand miles to find a loop to bring Tanner." He shook his head slowly.

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"I can bring Addy back, she's really good at healing people. Maybe you were to hurt for her to heal you fully before" Kaiya suggested "Also Miss Lory will come see you and help you get better"

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Carson | 101 comments " Only a bird.. can heal a broken wing easily.. they have a special medicine that gets passed down between them." James chuckled softly and managed to sit up. He recognized the name of Kaiya's headmistress but couldn't place where. He shook his head thinking about the loop he just left..

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Kaiya nodded in understanding "Oh..." She said.

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Carson | 101 comments " So what is your name if I may ask.." James asked her softly covering his face with his good black wing. His eyes seemed to be killing him from the brightness of the room.

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"I'm Kaiya" The little girl answered.

Miss Lory walked into the boys dorm, setting Tanner down. Her eyes went wide when she saw who was on the bed. "James!" She exclaimed, excited to see her old friend.

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Carson | 101 comments " Ida.."James looked at her shocked. He gave her a small smile." I see you have met my little friend.." he began softly. He couldn't believe that out of all loops he found Ida's was the one he stumbled into. He shook his head slightly remembering the last time he saw her. He was dead set on leaving the loops and he promised to come back to see her.

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Miss Lory knelt down next to James, throwing her arms around him gently "I've missed you, I thought you were dead" She said.

Kaiya watched the interaction, curiously.

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Carson | 101 comments " I'm sorry I broke my promise.. when I went back to see you.. you were gone and Miss. Avocet didn't know where you'd gone." James hugged her gently his good wing wrapping around her small frame." I was living with Miss. Cole all these years before her loop was destroyed yesterday." His voice shook slightly as he spoke to Ida.

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"Miss Cole's loop was destroyed..." Miss Lory said softly, biting her lip lightly. She blinked back tears, she couldn't believe that she was one of the only loops left.

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Carson | 101 comments " The hollows.. got into her loop. They killed almost all of the peculiar children and I tried to fight back. They made Miss. Cole turn into a bird and they tossed her into a little cage and left.. with the hollows they had." James closed his eyes slowly to try and hide his emotions." When I got here three wights were scouring the area to find the entrance of your loop.. I hid Tanner and led them to an old prison loop. I killed them.. but not before one tried to rip off my wing.. I barely made it out alive." James looked at Ida's face.

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Ida pulled him closer "I won't allow them into this loop, I already lost one loop to them, I will not lose another" She said, before pulling away from him "I have a salve for your wing" She added, turning to Kaiya "Kaiya dear, can you please go to my office and grab the container from my desk?" She requested.

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Carson | 101 comments "Thank you.. it seems to be throwing off my balance." James chuckled slightly and looked into her eyes slightly." I'm glad to see you have become an excellent head mistress like you used to talk about." He responded softly looking at his rough hands.

Tanner was asleep on an empty bed his little body tired. He was sleeping quietly for now.

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Kaiya ran out of the room, getting the salve for Miss Lory.

"After I lost the last loop to the Wights and Hollows, I was so broken, I vowed never to lose another" Ida said.

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Carson | 101 comments " I fully believe you mean it." James nodded and rested his forehead against hers. He smiled softly and leaned back. He was wondering everything going on through her mind.

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Ida smiled sadly at him "I have missed you so much James" She said. She had regretted not telling him that she had had feelings for him.

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Carson | 101 comments " I will stay here my dear until you no longer need my help." James smiled and puffed out his chest his blue eyes lighting up. He touched his jacket pocket feeling the letter he wrote her many years ago still there. He shook his head and moved his hand away.

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Kaiya came back in and handed Miss Lory the salve, before climbing back onto her chair.

"Thank you Kaiya" Miss Lory said to the young girl, beforr opening the container and spreading the salve on James ripped wing.

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Carson | 101 comments James grimaced in pain and bit his arm to stop from cursing. He knew the salve would heal his wing fast but he wished it happened without the pain." Ida.. will you do me a favor." Jame asked her softly looking at his hands.

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Ida stopped after coating his wing with the salve "Of course, if itis within my power to do, I would do anything James" She answered.

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Carson | 101 comments James reached into his jacket and pulled out the old letter. " I wrote this the night I left the loop to give to you when I came back." He shakily handed it to her." I'd like you to read it now.." James smiled at her and stood up finding his strength." I would like to go outside for a little Miss. Lory.." he bowed to her and headed outside quickly. He couldn't handle seeing her read the letter that proclaimed how he fell for her the first time he saw her. He shook his head the letter would reveal everything.

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Ida looked a bit shocked, James never called her Miss Lory, it had always been Ida. She nodded to him "Kaiya would you go with James please, show him around a bit" She requested of the child.

"Okay Miss Lory" The 5 year old said cheerfully, she loved helping out in anyway she could.

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Carson | 101 comments Tanner wiggled around a little bit from a nightmare but quickly calmed down." Jamie... don't die.." the little boys voice broke through his dream before he fell completely silent and peaceful.

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Miss Lory went to calm Tanner, as she had done with many other of her wards, only to stop when he calmed. She settled down in a chair and opened James letter, reading all of it. She couldn't believe that he felt the same as she had. "Oh James...I'm sorry I didn't tell you all those years ago" She whispered to herself. After finishing the letter, Ida folded it back up and held it close.

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Carson | 101 comments Tanner stood up yawning. He looked around carefully to see if anybody was around. He rubbed his eyes and shrugged.

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