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Leo Nation Leo Oct 03, 2016 10:30AM
People with the so-called "Intuitive" type temperaments are about 20-25% of the population. My book, "The Book: A Novel Calling," by Leo Nation is meant for them. Most likely to read and understand the intent of the book, intuitive readers are also most likely to be at peace with the truth provided in different ways, not always linear or concrete, but true (for some) nevertheless.

Please note: Amazon countdown sale begins on 8 October 2016 and the first day is the best deal, next to nothing. Again, I invite intuitive people who often grasp reality independent of rational, A, B, C thinking to tell me how you like the book, or any other thoughts you have about it. I have several descriptions that work for me, but the newest one to appear in my thoughts is "Mythical Memoir." It works for me because, although some of the truth of my experience is represented symbolically, it is as true as the parts I worked hard to describe as close to reality as possible.

So, "Soyez le bienvenu!"

Gerald W. Landrum / aka Leo Nation (ref:

This book is to be read with an "open" heart, ride on the wave and let the images guide you.and above all : LISTEN...let the "book" tell you a story and love, see life in a new light of what is possible if you want. Well written concise language, it is a poetic tale about life and love.

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