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message 1: by Kemdi (last edited Nov 22, 2016 07:16AM) (new)

Kemdi Ik (kemdi_ik) | 6 comments [REVIEW REQUEST CLOSED]

I'm currently looking for dedicated readers who are willing to read and honestly review all three novels in my completed young adult fantasy/paranormal series. The bundled edition is expected to come out in November and I am hoping to gather up a few reviews before then. If you're interested, simply post your e-mail and format preference (epub, mobi, PDF). If you do not want your e-mail to be publicly posted, you can always send me a message here on Goodreads.

-- Check out the bundled book cover and synopsis:
-- Amazon Link:
--Barnes & Noble Link:

If you're only interested in reading the first book, that's okay, too, but you will have to go to a different forum:

Reviews are expected to be posted on Goodreads as soon as possible and then on Amazon on the release date (since Amazon does not allow reviews to be posted beforehand).

Amazon and Goodreads are the top priority. I will also appreciate if it could be reviewed on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks.

**Reviews should be posted on Goodreads within four weeks of receiving the ebook. If you will not be able to follow-through, please let me know so that I can accommodate you.


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Maria (Maryaha) | 9 comments PDF

message 3: by Kemdi (new)

Kemdi Ik (kemdi_ik) | 6 comments Maria wrote: " PDF"

Thank you for your interest. I just sent you the file!

message 4: by Kemdi (new)

Kemdi Ik (kemdi_ik) | 6 comments Maria wrote: " PDF"

Hi, Maria. It's been over four weeks. Your honest review should be up soon. If you need some more time, just let me know :)

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