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Fishface | 13661 comments This one is a riot. Remember DOG DAY AFTERNOON starring Al Pacino? This is the true -- and utterly bizarre -- story behind that fictionalized movie. THE DOG is the life of weirdo bank-robber John Wojtowicz -- since DOG DAY AFTERNOON came out based on his exploits, he goes by "The Dog," which is a lot easier to spell than Wojtowicz. This movie goes much farther, telling us not only the story of the bank robbery but of the many, many adventures this guy went through before and after, growing up, in the military, as an activist, in politics, at work... There is simply never a dull moment in this story. Because John Wojtowicz is living proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

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Terri (terrilovescrows) | 292 comments Added to my watchlist

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Fishface | 13661 comments You won't be sorry!

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