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QUEEN | 62 comments who r u playing loll

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(Do you do just canon characters? Or do you do canon characters X ocs?)

QUEEN | 62 comments i do canons

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(Alright. I'll play as Loki.)

QUEEN | 62 comments do u want me to play anyone specific

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(Do you want to play as Thor?)

QUEEN | 62 comments do you want me to

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(Of course. I was thinking that the brothers would get along and figure out what's going on.)

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QUEEN | 62 comments whats the plot

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(Plot: Not only the Dark Elves were a threat to Asgard, there was another threat involved in it. Loki's enemies were involved in it also. Loki still hasn't told Thor what happened to him at the Abyss a few years ago and what the Chitauri did to him out of fear. Because nobody would believe Loki's true stories. Can the brothers reunite and stop the Dark Elves?)

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QUEEN | 62 comments what did the chitauri do

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(The Leader of the Chitauri, the Other, harmed Loki and brainwashed Loki into doing horrible things back in 2012. But as for now, in 2016, he still haunts Loki. Thanos is behind it all, but nobody knows it yet.)

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