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ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments haha here we are

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Thank lol.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments okay so you wanna get started? do you want me to go first or you?

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Could you go first, please? Idk where to start.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments "Thank you, have a nice weekend everyone!" Theo pulled on his sweater and waved to his work partners in the bakery as they all said their goodbyes to him as well and stepped out onto the street. It was a chilly Friday night but Theo was feeling warmer than ever because finally, after a long week of customers and running around baking and serving and manning the cash register, he finally had a break for the weekend and a huge check to cash in. He let out a soft sigh into the air and stuffed his hands into his pockets as he walked down the sidewalk to where his apartment was nearby. As much as he loved his job, Theo loved the days where he could catch a break as well, his partners were all so bright and talkative and so energy consuming (which didn't really help with the energy it took to work around the bakery already) that he cherished the weekends, but he always loved coming back to the them as well so Theo couldn't really complain too much.

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((Do I have to write that much? I'm usually not too good with too much detail... I end up getting too lazy to write that much..))

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments ((no you don't have to))

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((Okay. Um what're we doing again? Teacher x Student?))

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments ((Guy A is walking home from work when he finds Guy B,bruised and bloody,nearby. A takes him home,patches him up and feeds him basically giving him a place to stay. The next day,B is gone from the house,no thank you or anything but Guy A keeps finding B bruised and bloody and takes him home only for the cycle to continue until Guy A has had enough and forces B to stay,unknowingly putting himself in the danger of a gang that wants Guy B dead.))

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((Oh okay. I can't remember my guys name honestly.. do you remember by any chance?))

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments (I don't know...if you still have our PMs the name might be there

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((I'm going to look.))

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments (I think it was Nathan or something)

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((Sorry forgot to check.))

Keith lay on the ground around the corner of the bakery, hidden by a huge rubbish bin. After his father had beaten him to a pulp, he'd put him in his car and brough him here. He had left him, only after he'd kicked him a dozen times, though. Now he lay on his side, holding himself in a little ball, whimpering in pain.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments Theo considered going straight to the shower after dinner and then to bed to get rid ofthe cold feeling in his body when he heard a soft noise. It sounded like someone was crying. At first, he considered it a cat or something and was considering walking on when a cold breeze blew by. Damn, he couldn't leave an animal alone in the cold like this. He turned around and followed the noise which led him close to the trash bin and blinked when instead of a feline, was a human instead. Curled up and obviously in not so good shape. "Hey...are you alright?" Theo asked although he already knew the answer.

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Keith flinched when he heard a mans voice. He half expected it to be his father, coming to finish the job this time so he cowered away, further into the trash behind him. When he realized it wasn't his father, the paranoia was still there that it was one of his friends or something so he didn't answer, waiting for another kick or punch or whip or something.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 28 comments The figure didn't move towards him but instead away from him and Theo tsked, if it were another person in a much more bearable weather, he wouldn't have minded and probably would have walked off but the weather was cold for crying out loud and this lump of flesh looked like he was about to freeze to death if he stayed out here any longer. "Come on, I won't hurt you, I promise." Theo said with a gentle smile, reaching forward to lightly pat at his arm,slowly wrapping his hand around him and pulling him up to his full height.

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Keith wasn't sure how but the man managed to pull him up to his full height with one painful movement. He looked up at him, stifling a sob of relief when he realized it wasn't even his fathers friends. He didn't want to accept help though, they'd probably just call the cops and he couldn't let that happen. He wanted to sign a 'please leave me alone' but his hands were shaking too bad and it wouldn't come out right. Plus, the stranger probably didn't understand sign language.

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