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The Female of the Species
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Mock Printz 2017 > October: The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

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Jenna Friebel (jenna_friebel) | 86 comments The Female of the Species was our winner of this month's poll! Do you think this book is Printz worthy?

Reving | 53 comments This was brutal. But I am so glad I read it. Very well done. I really appreciated the way that PeeKay's family was portrayed. Very realistic. I would not be sad at all if this won the Printz. Very, very good. For what ages/stages would you recommend?

Christina Getrost (goldiebug) | 3 comments I think it's definitely Printz-worthy. The plotting is brilliant, the suspense builds very nicely, and the characterizations are very realistic, as you said. And just heartbreaking. Plus she portrays the small rural-town setting so well you feel you are there. I definitely recommend for 9th grade and up, maybe 10th and up. It is indeed brutal, but the best realistic fiction always is.

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Amanda (agarrity) | 1 comments As everyone else has mentioned, it feels uncomfortable to say that I loved such a brutal book. What is important is that the brutality didn't feel shocking or used for effect. It is honest and real and unwavering. I hope this is in the genuine running for the Printz.

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Jess (jmor) | 4 comments I tore through this book in 1 day. I agree that the characterizations of the teens, families, and the small town setting were probably some of the most complex I've read in a long time. Normally I have a hard time getting into realistic fiction, but this one really blew me away. It definitely goes to the top of my Printz list.

Mary HD (marymaclan) | 82 comments A very intense read - and a strong contender for the Printz.

As in her last book (A MADNESS SO DISCREET), McGinnis presents a main character who uses violence to confront societal injustices that have affected her personally. In this novel, it is sexual assault. What is outstanding is the skill with which McGinnis makes her avenging angel so sympathetic. How so? Not by humanizing Alex. Instead, McGinnis focuses on the question of moral balance, using the supporting characters and a gripping plot to develop the theme in a surprisingly convincing way.

Novels on this subject are too often ideological in approach, and easy to dismiss as polemics. Not this one. The characters are too compelling, the plot too suspenseful, the theme too powerful to easily forget.

Maureen (mhsquier) | 79 comments I just finished this book, and really liked it much more than I thought I would. I don't know about its Printz worthiness though. I think it has a few flaws - it veers toward didactic in a few places (the police officer's talk at school, some of the animal shelter scenes). I also feel like there is a disconnect between the title and some of the plot details. The title and the inside dust jacket implies that Alex is violent and seeking revenge merely because of her gender, yet we learn that she has inherited her anger issues and violence from her father.

But I can totally see that these flaws are a bit nit-picky, and wouldn't be surprised to see it win a medal on Monday.

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