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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Fiction, Murder Mystery, Romance-Female photographer finds a body on the beach by the house she just bought. [s]

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Samantha Porter (samzporter450) | 2 comments This book is about a female photographer who has moved around her whole life, never settling down. The most I can remember about her back story is something happened to her parents, I think her mom murdered her dad (more on that later) so her gay uncle, who is a chef if NY, took in her and her brother and changed their last name. Anyway, she ends up buying a house on the beach and is having it renovated. One night she sees a stray male dog on the road and stops. A guy on a motorcycle stops as well. She doesn't want to keep the dog but doesn't want to leave it there and the guy won't take it (his dog dead recently). She ends up taking it home. The guy brings over dog food, toys, bed and his dog's collar and pays half the vet bills. Her contractor is a nice guy and sets up a get together at the local bar so she can meet his wife, who restores furniture. One of the guys in the band takes a notice of her and another girl at the bar is not happy about it and starts pushing her on the dance floor. She leaves the bar. The next day she takes the dog with her along the beach while she takes pictures (she ties the leash around her waist). The dog finds a shoe, which leads her to the dead body of the girl who pushed her in the bar. Other bits and pieces: She goes furniture shopping with the contractors wife to an old barn, buys some stuff including a floor lamp of a mermaid she knows her uncle will love. Her uncle orders her a gigantic plush bed as a surprise. Her brother shows up for a visit unexpected because the uncle is worried about her. I'm pretty sure the motorcycle guy is a mechanic and owns his own shop and lives in an apartment on site that is hardly furnished but has books poring out of every orifice in the place. She sees a book that was written about her tragic story and home town and bolts from the guys house. He's very smart and figures out where she was looking and finds the book and tells her he knows who she is. Then they let the local sheriff in on her history took and the contractor couple. I may be able to think of a few more details if need be. I appreciate anybody's help.

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Lobstergirl | 39315 comments Mod
Moving to Unsolved since you are looking for a specific book.

When did you read this? Paper book, ebook, other format? Remember the cover? Author female or male?

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Samantha Porter (samzporter450) | 2 comments It is the obsession. I read the first couple lines of the summary yesterday but it didn't click. Now that I read down further it's clear as day. I knew it had to be Nora!! Thanks guys for your help. I'll be re-reading it soon.

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