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Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Just a few days ago, I received an email from 'Readers' Favorite', telling me that 'Whatever it takes' is eligible for their 5 star seal. Here is their review:

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Reviewed By Elizabeth Butts for Readers’ Favorite

Whatever It Takes by Margaret Lynette Sharp follows the story of Lisa, a teaching student who is living in London while taking her exams. She is nursing feelings of heartache from her first love, rejection from her father who banished her, and loss in the death of her mom. Her saving grace is her best friend, Liam, whom she wants to be more than just a friend. Throw in a quick twist shortly after her twenty-first birthday, and her dad getting married to a woman who Lisa is not sure of. Suddenly, she's jetting back to her home country of Australia, having to leave her budding romance behind. When a scare changes everything, will she stay and support her family, or return to the life she had built without them.

Whatever It Takes is a sweet romance novel from a simpler time. Liam is an uncommon gentleman, holding doors, taking her for lunches and chaste walks in Hyde Park. He is a kiss you on the cheek or the back of your hand kind of guy, moving the relationship along slowly for fear of losing the friendship they have. Lisa is a confused heroine, wanting to have more, but not sure she is entirely deserving. This book shows that family is above all else, that forgiveness is important, and that you should always trust your heart. Margaret Lynette Sharp has created a story that you want to curl up with in a warm blanket and be comforted by an easier era when romance wasn't just about jumping into bed with the next person; there was work, there was wooing, and ultimately, there was love. Well done.

Veronica ⭐️ | 2248 comments Congratulations Margaret. That's a great review.

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Veronica ⭐️ wrote: "Congratulations Margaret. That's a great review."

Thank you so much, Veronica. :)

Marianne (cloggiedownunder) | 8150 comments well deserved, Margaret

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Marianne wrote: "well deserved, Margaret"

Thank you so much, Marianne :)

Carolyn | 7948 comments Congratulations Margaret!

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Kate Loveday (kateloveday) | 16 comments Congratulations Margaret!

Jülie ☼♄  | 6273 comments Well done Margaret! :)

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Carolyn wrote: "Congratulations Margaret!"

Thank you so much, Carolyn :)

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Kate wrote: "Congratulations Margaret!"
Thank you so much, Kate :)

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Kate wrote: "Congratulations Margaret!"

Thanks so much, Kate :)

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments ☼♄Jülie  wrote: "Well done Margaret! :)"

Thank you so much, Julie :)

message 13: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brenda | 69342 comments Mod
Fantastic news Margaret! Well deserved :)

Margaret Sharp (margaretlynettesharp) | 1215 comments Brenda wrote: "Fantastic news Margaret! Well deserved :)"

Thanks so much, Brenda :)

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