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The Foretelling
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA; Matriarchal Society; women would take men hostage for breeding. Protag's mother was queen of society. [s]

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Madison | 3 comments I have been trying to find this book for years! I believe I read it back in middle school (2005ish-2008ish), although I have no clue about the publishing date.

The most I can remember is that it featured a young female protagonist growing up in a matriarchal society in the wildnerness / amazon women-ish vibe almost. Her mother was the queen of this society which frequently had wars with the male tribes nearby. During these wars the women would take men hostage for breeding purposes (which is so creepy to type).
AND there was definitely something about honey :)

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Madison | 3 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "The Foretelling?"

YES! Thank you so much

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Rainbowheart | 19036 comments Cool, glad to help. :)

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