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message 1: by Di (new)

Di (disis19) | 679 comments Mod
Hi everyone! Below is a link to the spreadsheet that contains all the titles that are currently in the jar I pull from for the monthly selections. If there are any titles you'd like me to add, please let me know. I will remove the books that are picked every month. Also, there has already been a suggestion for Leslie Meyer's Mistletoe Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries). I have not added it to the jar, but it will be one of the picks for December.

Book1CoziesClub Jar

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Meadows (lizziefaye) | 326 comments Mod
Wow, thanks for typing up the list. I didn't realize you had so many in the jar already. I've only heard of about 20 of these.

message 3: by Di (new)

Di (disis19) | 679 comments Mod
Hi Elizabeth! Going through them as I was typing the list up was interesting. I found some duplicates as well, so I was able to pull those out which was great ^-^

message 4: by Tish (new)

Tish (tiatish) | 9 comments hi. is #book1coziesclub a part of the March Mystery Madness group? Sorry, I couldn't find the group.

message 5: by Di (new)

Di (disis19) | 679 comments Mod
Hi Tish! Yes it's part if this group. There is a thread for each read under #Book1CoziesClub here. You can also share your thoughts with me in our Discord or during my Chapter by Chapter reading vlogs ^-^

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