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message 1: by Attie (new)

Attie (ashtonreads) Hi all,

I am available to beta read for authors with completed manuscripts. I prefer going chapter by chapter, offering writers careful review of plot, voice, character development and overall feelings toward their writing. I know it can be difficult to come across good beta readers, and I will not sideline you or write you off with too-short, unhelpful feedback. I am timely, and will be happy to work with your schedule and preferred methods of communication. I have a BS in Biology, and feel that my background can offer a different perspective than those who come from more creative areas of study. That being said, I do prefer the fantastical. I tend to gravitate toward YA, NA, Paranormal, Fantasy and the like. I'm an action fan, but do enjoy romantic subplots. If I sound like a good fit for your book, please pm me and let me know!

message 2: by Desiree (new)

Desiree Reyes | 36 comments Hi, Ashton,

I have a dark paranormal novel for your consideration titled Fallen Demon. Please let me know if its something you'd be interested in reading.
Fallen demon synopsis
Part 1 - Lila
During a horrific thunderstorm eight-year-old Lila is comforted by her mother, who tells her not to be frightened because an angel is watching over her. After finally falling asleep she is awakened by her mother’s screams and the sound of her fathering fighting with an unknown intruder. She is in her room and does not witness what occurs, but she listens to the terrifying noises of her parents being slaughtered. When she cries out a demon appears in the doorway, tall, massive with long white hair, red eyes and talons that drip blood.
He smiles at her, showing fangs and beckons her into his embrace. Lila is so traumatized that she mistakes him for the angel her mother said would protect her. She does not notice the blood that soaks his cloak, only his mesmerizing, beautiful face, the ethereal countenance of an angel.
As Lila approaches the demon he pulls back his arm to strike her down, but at the last minute hesitates. Behind him the ground explodes and opens up into a chasm and the demon is swallowed up by the earth.
Lila is left alone with no chance of survival. She wanders in the forest for three days and on the fourth she sees the demon approaching. He has come for her. But for what purpose?

Part 2 - Angel
Kristoff Ashdown is the arrogant, spoiled son of Lord Ashdown, first Duke of Grafton. He is strong willed, selfish, cruel and hot tempered. His life consists of boar hunting, gambling, drinking and whoring. He has little use for God and no respect for the devil. After his accidental death he awakens in hell and finds himself slave to a Master he is forced to serve.
Now known as White Wolf he is different from his fellow demons. They are hideous and misshapen while he is nearly human in appearance. Any demon can rape and kill, but the Master has a different game for White Wolf to play. It involves seduction, luring women willingly into bed and betrayal, all the things he is good at and he performs with relish for the Master’s amusement.
When the Master sends him to slaughter a family, he has no hesitation in killing the couple, but when he is confronted by their very young daughter he refuses to slay her.
The Master is infuriated by his disobedience and extracts his revenge in the cruelest way imaginable.
Part 1 and 2 are included.
This book contains sex, violence, rape and incest. It is intended for mature readers only.

message 3: by Lea (new)

Lea McKee | 36 comments I have a YA dystopia/sci-fi if you are interested.

It is complete at 68k

All seventeen-year-old Joanna August 623 had to do was be born O-Negative, and her life was instantly forfeit. In thirty days, Joanna believes she and all the other orphans will be released from the care of the New Terra Alliance. It’s a beautiful lie. The NTA took Joanna in when she was three years old, offering protection, education, and concrete walls three feet thick to keep out the contaminated air. She should feel grateful, but she’s always longed for freedom.

When Joanna meets Ethan Knox, a young soldier, she will learn just how ugly reality is. If Knox has told the truth, thirty days from now Joanna won’t be free. She’ll be dead. Trust has never come easy for Joanna, but once she’s seen the actuality of her fabricated history with her own eyes, she cannot deny it. The NTA is going to harvest her, and all the others. Their blood will be drained, their organs stolen. Healthy blood transfusions are the only way to combat against the virus, and Joanna is a universal donor.

Escaping is the only option, and Knox has a plan, but it only works for two people. They’ll have to move fast, Joanna’s inquisitive nature and bold attitude has got her into trouble. And the NTA can’t afford disturbances and doubt. Her choice is simple, if she leaves now, there’s a chance they can save the others. If she stays, she may not survive the night.

message 4: by Janeal (new)

Janeal Falor | 85 comments Hi Ashton,

I have a YA Fantasy, DEATH'S QUEEN, of 50k words I'm looking for feedback on. I'm looking for feedback in general/help expanding to at least 60k words. The blurb is below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


She’s never had a name, and is meant to do nothing but kill. That is, until the day she says “no more.” She decides to take the Death Drink—a beverage that kills anyone who isn't destined to be royalty. Problem is, she drinks it and lives.

Instead of being an assassin, she's the queen of the nation of Valcora. But now, someone else wants her dead. Determined to live now that she has a purpose in watching over her countrymen, she sets out to find out who is sending these assassins. She must use all her training from her previous life to thwart the attacks on her life or else she'll die and never be able to take care of her people.

message 5: by Rita (new)

Rita Stradling (stradling) | 21 comments Ashton wrote: "Hi all,

I am available to beta read for authors with completed manuscripts. I prefer going chapter by chapter, offering writers careful review of plot, voice, character development and overall fe..."

Hi Ashton,

Do you ever read sci fi romance (an adult beauty and the beast retelling)?

message 6: by Jay (last edited Oct 23, 2016 09:10AM) (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments Hi, Ashton,

I'm looking for a beta reader for my thrilling 75,000 word YA/Science Fiction novel, ‘The Black Heart of the Station’.


Josh Driscoll, a teenager living in a mysterious underground city known as ‘The Station’, is forced to enroll as a novice monk at Saint Carmine’s, the Station’s resident monastery, as punishment for numerous petty crimes and mischief.

At first desperate to escape, he’s gradually drawn into the monastery’s ancient writings, which seem to answer questions about the Station’s origin, now lost in the mists of time. From those writings, Josh comes to believe that the ‘Black Heart’, a computer complex of unknown purpose buried in a part of the Station critically damaged centuries ago, is vital to their future survival.

When the governing Council, of which Josh’s own father is a member, announces plans to demolish the Black Heart to open up badly needed living space, Josh forms a movement and leads a desperate battle to stop the demolition.

You can reach me at:


message 7: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) Good morning Ashton,

Would love it if you would be willing to beta read our newest novel The Neuromorphs.

Here is a link to the book where you can read a chapter and decide if it is interesting to you.

The authors blog post here
explains why beta readers and reviewers are so important and that we do listen!

You can reach me at

Thanks for your consideration,

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