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RLL22016_Antoinette Jernegons I must say that I really enjoy reading this book. I kind of got mad at the father on how he was treating his kids. The father was an authoritarian father, he was very cruel to his kids, he didn't believe in his kids dreams. But I had to think about it maybe this is how he was raise as a kid his father must had been an authoritarian figure too. Through it all Neftali didn't let that stop his imagination or his creativeness. Neftali later became a famous Poets despite of how his father treated and belittle him and his sibling.

Beth Neftali must have been quite a person to not let a father like that destroy his dreams. I feel bad for his brother. It seemed like his dreams were squashed. I wonder if the father had dreams when he was younger and knew defeat and didn't want that for his sons. I'm also curious about those letters he found. I listened to this story and it was too hard to go back and listen the the exact place it talked about them. What did you get from the letters?

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