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message 1: by *Ramya* (last edited Oct 02, 2016 06:28PM) (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Ok guys, this will be a prediction game (obviously) and we can guess anything, including and not limited to ships, new special abilities, what the Lodestar Initiative is, etc.

After Lodestar comes out, we can compare our predictions!!!!

message 2: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I think that one of Sophie's new abilities in Lodestar might be a Beguiler--imagine Sophie training with Councillor Alina. Ha! They would probably glare at each other the whole time.

message 3: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Oooh, this sounds like a theories thread! Yay!

My favorite prediction that I think might happen is that Wylie's mom will turn out to be Sophie's genetic mother, and they'll have to deal with being half siblings.

And another is that Wylie will be a pyrokinetic...
Because apparently his family crest is a sun, and that means something... WHAT DOES IT MEAN< ITS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

message 4: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Oh wow--Wylie and Sophie having to see each other all the time because they are SIBLINGS? Awkward. I mean, just wow. How have I never thought of that before? And is the Sun the symbol you are referring to in 'Sophitz'?

Also, Sophie's half brother--a Pyrokinetic--that would make her extra...I don't know...edgy around Wylie?

*ratherbereading* Shannon posted the mysterious symbol on Instagram!!!! I tried to post it here but it won't work so if someone could post it that would be great. It is SO not what I thought it would be!!! But it's cool!! Apparently Mrs. Messenenger is going to be stamping it in sighted books and it's going to be a sticker for the pre order giveaway!!!!

message 6: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments I know...
Im on mobile, so I can't post it either, but if you want to look at it, just pop over to her Instagram page to look at it. Or if you can't, it looks kind of like a snowflake, with one small circle in the middle, and sixteen arms spiraling out, with a smaller circle on the end. The arms all have little arrows and dashes on them.

message 7: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Thanks guys! I saw the symbol--see thr Sophitz topic for my opinion on it--but wow?
The Lodestar Initiative might help the Neverseen control Sophie? How do they plan on doing that?

*ratherbereading* I don't know but all I know is that it has to have something to do with the mirror in the hall of illumination in the second book. It was called the Lodestar....

message 9: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I know--it was the mirror of light--it's kind of shady but not, ya know

*ratherbereading* The first teaser was posted!!!! It's driving me crazy!!!! It so vague. But I guess it has to be. It's only there to taunt me!!! * screams and strangles everything in reach*

message 11: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments *gets out of reach*

I don't want to be strangled!

Sophie and Keefe... Talking about Keefe being evil.

Oh, it's so magnificent.

message 12: by *ratherbereading* (last edited Oct 05, 2016 04:23PM) (new)

*ratherbereading* I know it like super lame, but just the fact that a part of lodestar is right I front of me ( even if it is incredibly unmagnificent) makes me crazy!!!! * pulls you back into reach and strangles you *

message 13: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Amelia wrote: "*gets out of reach*

I don't want to be strangled!

Sophie and Keefe... Talking about Keefe being evil.

Oh, it's so magnificent."

When I saw this, I thought that Sophie was talking about the Neverseen being plain evil -- which is something I thought that she would never do--she understands, better than anyone else how it is to be the outcast--but now that you put it THAT way...

message 14: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments So many different interpretations! I didn't even THINK of that one.

I was reading some of the old teasers from before Lodestar came out, and some of those could be taken in COMPETELY different ways from what they actually meant.
I imagine they made people pretty crazy.

message 15: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Which teasers? And yes, they can all be interpretted in very different ways--they are alao making me go CRA-CRAY!!!!

message 16: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
ratherbereading wrote: "I know it like super lame, but just the fact that a part of lodestar is right I front of me ( even if it is incredibly unmagnificent) makes me crazy!!!! * pulls you back into reach and strangles you *"

Yes--I CANNOT wait for 27 more days!!!!

message 17: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments The quotes she posted on Instagram before Neverseen was released.

Okay, here's one.

"You're just jealous" Fitz said, with his best attempt at a smirk. Keefe shrugged.
"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler"

*ratherbereading* Your right!!! Without knowing what is really going on there you can read it sooooooo many different ways. Post more!!!

message 19: by *Amelia* (last edited Oct 06, 2016 04:15PM) (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Theres not a new one today. Shannon did post the tour schedule though, which makes me SO HAPPY, cuz one of the places on the list is way close to where I live.

message 20: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments And here's a couple from Everblaze.

Sophie shook her head at Keefe. "You're hopeless, you know that?"
"Not as long as I have you. Fix me foster, you're my only hope."


"You realize you can't lie to an Empath, right?

There are more, but they're pretty long, and i don't feel like retyping them soo...
If you want to read them, go on her instagram profile and look WAAAYYY back.

message 21: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
The reason there aren't any new teasers is because Mrs. Messenger said that she would post teasers every Tuesday and Friday in October--which means, check her instagram right now!!!!!!

message 22: by *Ramya* (last edited Oct 07, 2016 03:50PM) (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
AAAAAAAAAAAND, the teaser we've all been waiting for!!!!!!

"Plus, a school isn't a school until Sophie tries to destroy it," Fitz teased.

Does that mean that Foxfire gets destroyed? Probably not--I think they are talking about something relevant to Foxfire or Exillium, but not exactly destroying it--I don't know.

My other reaction?

Awwwwww... Fitz!!!!!!!!!!!

message 23: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I expect to see a lot of Sophitz--or at least Fitz--in Lodestar!!!!

Only 24 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 24: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments So... Excited...

Plus... There's something else I've been wondering about. Foxfire is supposed to be like, this really elite, awesome academy, right?
I'm not sure exactly who said what, but I remember in book one there where a couple lines about it being "Their most prestigious academy."
And something about how Fitz was "Right to be proud to attend"

But what I don't get is... Exillium is the only elven school besides Foxfire, right?

I mean, Exillium is basically Juvie for elves. You have to do something majorly wrong to end up there.

So why is Foxfire such a big deal?

There MUST be other elven schools. And since this seems to be mentioning a NEW school... Maybe they visit one of them.

message 25: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Wow, I always presumed that Foxfire and Exillium were the only schools, since if there is one or some (for ages 11 and up), it isn't ever really mentioned--also, there has to be an "elementary school" for the elves, and Mrs. Messenger said that she wouldn't spoil anything that isn't in the books yet. So...great predictions, guys!!!!!!

message 26: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments WOWOWOWOWOW I CANT WAIT if they're gonna enter a new school yessss

message 27: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Yeah. Those quotes are infuriatingly spoiler-free.
Which is why most of these predictions are going to look SO ridiculous when the book comes out...

message 28: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Guys, have you seen the teaser Mrs. Messenger posted today?
If you haven't, here it is:

"'You kids are getting too smart for your own good,' Mr. Forkle muttered."

And has anyone else noticed that the backgrounds of the teasers are changing?

Just a thought :)

message 29: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I posted this on the Lodestar Countdown and Sophitz--please tell me what you think of it:

Ok, remember that scene in Everblaze that Mr. Forkle tells the team that he will show Fitz how to get past Sophie's blocking? When I read Everblaze today--for the twelfth time (literally)--when I read that scene, I remembered that I loved the part when:

"He [Fitz] leaned toward her, 'What do I say?'
'How would I know?' Sophie said, 'I don't even know what [Mr. Forkle] HE says [to get past her blocking].'

Fitz sighed, searching her face like the answer would be scrawled across her lips. And maybe it did, because a few seconds later, he shouted, 'I'm in!'"

The last few words might not be exact, because I'm writing this from my memory of it from about 3 hours ago, but you get the gist of it.

I know that one thing we will probably find out in Lodestar is what Fitz says to Sophie's subconscious mind to gain her trust and enter her mind.

Also, did you see what I saw?

The answer was scrawled across her LIPS.

Please share what you make of that!!!!!!!

message 30: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments Yeah i DID notice the backgrounds are changing,pretty cool huh? And ugh only a few weeks to suffer through!!!

message 31: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments IKR Ramya that was a great scene!!! SO MANY Sophitz mysteries to solve,let's hope all our questions are answered in LODESTAR XD

message 32: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Let us cross our fingers :)

message 33: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Okay, sit tight for the new teaser:

"All you need to know is that I'm not like you, okay? The Neverseen aren't going to give me a choice."

And yes! Mrs. Messenger confirmed that this is Keefe talking!
The more teasers I see, the more I start seeing Sophitz having a little more advantage. Of course, that could also mean that Foster-Keefe will have a big comeback, but for now....I see Sophitz!!!!!!!!

message 34: by *ratherbereading* (last edited Oct 19, 2016 10:15AM) (new)

*ratherbereading* Hi guys what you up to? Me? FREAKING OUT!!!!! I've been thinking (bad idea) and I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that Lodestar will be the last book. First of all, all of the other times Shannon announced a new addition to the series they were before October 12. Why hasn't she announced if there is going to be another or even if there's not!!! Second I've tried to ask her if SHE knows whether there is a sixth book or once again NOT, and the questions keep getting sent back!!!!!!! *rocks back and forth muttering incoherently* I will be eternally grateful to you guys if you tell me I'm being extremely paranoid.

message 35: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Okay, I just posted about this in a different thread, I'll go get it and paste it over here.
And no, I do not think your being paranoid.
In fact, I was in pretty much the same place till I found this:

message 36: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Okay, can't get copy+paste to work, so I'm just going to summarize it.


If you want to see the long rambly version, check in the Sophitz thread.

message 37: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Ok, thanks!!!!!!

message 38: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Guys, I was thinking, if there will be a book 6 and 7 (hypothetically) then do you think that we might be able to see who Sophie gets on her matchmaking scroll?

The one future problem about Sophie's matchmaking scroll is that since Sophie and Fitz are Telepaths, and matchmaking scrolls mix up abilities.......

They *might* not appear in the matchmaking scrolls--or maybe they will, because they are Cognates and the "personal preference"--I don't even know if the matchmakers actually DO take personal preference as one of the main factors, even though that should clearly be the most important factor.

I also posted this on Sophitz, since this subject relates to both threads.

message 39: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
The Lodestar Friday quote has finally come!!!!!!

"So what you're saying," Biana said, "is I have your permission to give Dex a makeover?"

I think Sophie or Fitz--probably Sophie--is mad at Dex, and Biana is being funny and is saying that she has permission to give Dex a makeover.

What do you predict?????

Only 10 more days to go!!!!!!
I'm counting until midnight, October first!!!!!!!!

*ratherbereading* Listen up Fitz Fandom. I am posting this on all threads because it is SO important. As Shannon said ON HER INSTAGRAM today, some stores are already stocking their shelves with Lodestar. I BEG YOU, DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON ANY OF THE FITZ FANDOM THREADS ABOUT LODESTAR IF YOU READ IT, OR YOU WILL ABSOULOUTLY RUIN EVERYBODIES LIFE!!! I had the Neverseen spoiler spoiled to me last year and I will do anything to not have that happen again. I personally am going to wait until November 1st because I've been counting down the days ( on a very awesome ginormous spreadsheet no doubt) and I want to revel on the day the whole world gets to read Lodestar. Thanks, and peace from Oregon,


message 41: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
OMG!!!!!!!! I will be posting this on all threads:

Mrs. Messenger posted that she would be releasing new teasers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. TILL Lodestar is released!!!!!!!! (aka Nov 1st)

Here is the teaser she posted today:

"I know it's risky, I know I won't find anyone who'll tell me this is a good decision. But I'm going."

And yes, this is SOPHIE talking!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry for the enthusiasm--though I'm pretty sure you're all feeling the way I do!!!!!!!!!!!!)

message 42: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Well... I've been WAY sick this last week and have been basically ignoring the internet, and when I went back, the first thing I saw was the two quotes.
And I hate to say it, but my brain totally skipped over the AWESOME DARING SOPHIE quote straight to the "let's give Dex a makeover" quote.
I'm just off in my corner giggling maniacally at the possibilities.

Okay, so it looks like they're disguising Dex for some reason.
And Biana seems excited... I love Excited Biana.

message 43: by Lexi (new)

Lexi | 1 comments I predict Sophie will forgive Keefe for his awfulness even though he doesn't deserve it

message 44: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments I predict that Keefe has a plan...

message 45: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Also, welcome Lexi!

message 46: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Lexi wrote: "I predict Sophie will forgive Keefe for his awfulness even though he doesn't deserve it"

Well, I don't usually defend Keefe but...if MY mom was being tortured, I would probably do the exact same thing. Anyway, Sophitz will always be better than Foster-Keefe.

But of course, Sophie always forgives everyone, so you're totally right!!!!!!!

Lexi, welcome aboard to the Fitz Fandom!!!!!!!

7 more days until Lodestar!!!!!! (I've been counting since Day 218 :)

message 47: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Yay for obsessiveness!
I fail at countdowns... I'm not very organized person. At all.
I have, however, drawn an embarassing amount of fanart...

*ratherbereading* I've been counting down since Nov 5 2015!!!! ( on a super awesome homemade spreadsheet no doubt)

message 49: by *ratherbereading* (last edited Oct 25, 2016 02:45PM) (new)

*ratherbereading* Also I've been thinking about keefe's betrayel. And while I do kinda believe he has a plan I have to disagree that his intentions were the whole pretend to join the enemy and gather info or whatever some Keffe fans are saying. He DID in fact give them the cache which he knows would be very bad for Sophie if the councilor a found out because again, he knew she was responsible for guarding it. So I agree with Grady when he said Keefe had already hurt her.

(I'll have to make a new spreadsheet)

message 50: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Where was it confirmed???!!!!

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