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Ernie (ewnichols) | 58 comments This thread is to discuss any parts of the novel through Part VII. Please do not post any comments related to later sections and please hide spoilers appropriately.

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Hugh (bodachliath) | 2589 comments Mod
I really should have commented here before reading beyond part VII, since the hindsight gained through later revelations makes it impossible to comment without spoilers. The way Atwood scatters the clues is very subtle. A very compulsive read once you get over the disjointed opening.

Ernie (ewnichols) | 58 comments I know! I was thinking the same thing. So much happens, and as you said, the scattering of clues makes it very difficult. Darn it - I should have been keeping note of all the clues, because I know there were more than I am thinking of currently. I can clearly see how a Man Booker committee would have read this and definitely put it right back on the to-read pile for another read...that being one of their criteria, that you must be able to discover something new if you were to re-read it...and re-read it. I started Part III on the airplane, and I couldn't put it down after that.

Ernie (ewnichols) | 58 comments Does anyone think that Laura's falling into the river "forshadowed" the events at the beginning of the book? Or perhaps that it represents something else entirely, like her state of mind even then?

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