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message 1: by N.A. (new)

N.A. Montgomery (namontgomery) | 2 comments Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 54,000
Kind of sex scenes: mild
Level of violence: mild
Number of beta readers wanted: 20

Nicole Montgomery
I'm happy to reciprocate as well in beta reading.

This is a fantasy novel set in current times. An ancient supernatural race is mysteriously awakened to find their sworn enemies gone and demons scarce. Their discovery of "new monsters" such as vampires and werewolves only leads to more questions. The descendants from Camelot join the ancient ones in their quest to save the realm.

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen (kivrin) | 25 comments This sounds interesting. I am looking to beta swap for my 110,000 word new adult high fantasy. Email me at if you want to look at a sample of the work and consider swapping.

message 3: by N.A. (new)

N.A. Montgomery (namontgomery) | 2 comments I just sent you an email. I'd love to swap stories with you!

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