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The Red Queen (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #3)
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Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) I'm a fan of historical fiction, and I like Phillipa Gregory's writing, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel and the story of Elizabeth Woodville, this second installmente failed to capture me as much as the last one did. It took me more than a 300- or so pages book should've and I had to put it down several times, and pick up other books just to get a break from Margaret Stanley's story - I think I've finished 4 or 5 books while reading The Red Queen.

I think this has to do with Margaret herself, though, and the way her character was written. She doesn't warrant any sympathy, although I did pitied her for a while for what she went through in her childhood, for the cruel and loveless family she had, but if I had to read her saying one more time that she had saint's knees from childhood, that she has God's year, that she was blessed and would be My Lady, the King's mother, and would sign her name Margaret R, I would flung the book out the window, because honestly.

Her sense of self-importance, her righteousness and thinking herself above others is irritating and she herself sounded a lot of times like a spoiled child. The hatred she harbored for Elizabeth Woodville had nothing to do with the fact that God wanted Margaret to triumph, that the White Queen was a witch and all to do with her jealousy and pettiness. Lady Stanley was not a holy woman, she was a jealous, pretentious bitch. Anyway, I'll looking forward to The Lady of The Rivers, which I think will be much more engaging, because Jaquetta Rivers is a very interesting character.

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Good to know.

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