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Return of the Crimson Guard (Novels of the Malazan Empire, #2)
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Group Read - Return of the C G > RotCG - Book Two, Chapter Four - NO SPOILERS

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Discussion thread for Book two, chapter Four. Please use spoiler tags

Carl | 36 comments Releasing the D’ivers of Mass Destruction is not going to work out well for anyone I think :D

I really can't get on with Ghelel. I just find her really annoying. Anyone else feeling this way?

Eugenio | 108 comments The D'ivers of destruction, yup, not a smart move at all. But sure is bloody! He slices, he dices, he sure makes a good spaghetti bolognas!

Ghelel, I started to like. Now just annoying, so I do agree. At least she noticed the parallel between herself and Laseen, which is a point for her, but her annoyance at "her" troops is a point against her.

Eugenio | 108 comments Chapter 4! Here we go!!

>the landing of Crimson Guard (CG) in Cawn felt good! The Factor of Cawn took one too many chances and Skinner was having none of it!!
>Storo, Hurl, Silk and co. taking Li Heng from the magistrates! The arrival also of the 3 Ahls with Liss reacting how she did; what are they?!? And Liss's God Stomp! With the plan to release Ryllandaras, yikes!
>the Lost Boys have made it to Jacuruku, the original home of Ereko, and what a home coming!! Kyle's sword once again to the rescue and Ereko saving Traveller from the Sucking Sands!! Great side story!!
>Ho and company have been digging out the head of one of the Jade Giants. Interesting, but how does it matter? The inmates are offered joining the battle against Laseen, ok, but will the Jade Giant matter to the rest of the story?
>>who is Ho? He was called a magus, but who is he really? An Ascendant?
>Ghelel making it to Li Heng almost, then turning around because of the CG; wow losing interest in her story!
>Ending the chapter with Storo, Hurl, Silk and co. releasing Ryllandaras!! Rell was able to remove the sword keeping the Eater of Men locked away, who is Rell?!?
I would love to see the story of the capture of Ryllandaras! Would be worth the read!

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 163 comments Traveller rolled his shoulders, wincing . ‘My life is now my own, magus. It can no longer be taken by anyone.’

The statement seemed to transport the mage. His eyes lit up and open glee twisted his mouth into a frog-like leer. ‘Then it is true! It can be done!’

Traveller seemed merely to gesture and the mage’s head flew from his shoulders to roll to the sands. ‘Not by you.’ He sheathed his sword.

A made for Arnold line!

Eugenio | 108 comments Yes, perfect actions as well, being very barbaric of Traveller.

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