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message 1: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ztook) | 2877 comments Mod
84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff is an endearing collection of letters between the author and her book supplier across the ocean. It is really a quick read, I believe we can read it in one sitting. The movie seems equally promising, with Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins in the main roles.
I hope we'll like both the book and the movie! Please share with us your impressions.

Blueberry (blueberry1) | 155 comments I keep reading people posting about this book/movie. I loved the book but the movie is unavailable for me.

message 3: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ztook) | 2877 comments Mod
Blueberry wrote: "I keep reading people posting about this book/movie. I loved the book but the movie is unavailable for me."

I read the book last night in a single hour! The letters were so lovely, I really enjoyed following their correspondence through so many years. To think such a tight connection could be made over the bookshopping accross the ocean :) I liked how I also got the picture of how times were bad in post-war UK. Not many books tackle that subject, and I honestly wasn't familiar with it. The saddest moment was when I read the last letter from the bookstore - imagine that shock Helene felt at that moment! I know I froze, only two months after his letter, to receive this one. It really reminds one how fragile is our existence on this world.
I am really eager to watch the movie, now Anne Bancroft seems to me a perfect match for Helene, and Anthony Hopkins for Frank.

message 4: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ztook) | 2877 comments Mod
The movie was bittersweet as expected. The letters got a lovely visual interpretation, and the movie went beyond them to show lives Helene and Frank were leading. It is so sad... To have such a beautiful relationship with someone only to realise at that single moment that the closure is now out of your reach forever.

I just saw BBC produced in 1975 an episode Play for Today - 84, Charing Cross Road. I won't bother trying to find that one. I'll try tonight to read the sequel to this book though, my copy has them both.

message 5: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 20 comments Great book and film. They accurately portray a trying time in post-wartime Britain. The acting was terrific, and the characters memorable.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 730 comments Mod
Zeljka, why didn't you make me read this ages ago! It's absolutely delightful!

I wish it had lasted longer, all of the letters and the friendships were so sweet!

I'm going to have to find whatever else Hanff wrote, because she is just such fun, at least in her correspondence. I never saw the shows she wrote, but I have to imagine they were humorous.

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