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Percy Jackson > Are you guys happy that he is with Annabeth?

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message 1: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Dore (maggmog) | 12 comments Mod
Hmmmm.... I have no idea.

message 2: by Quince (new)

Quince Winstyn (quincewinstyn) I kind of shipped him with Piper in the second series.

#1RICKRIORDANFAN | 10 comments yes because just yes but the only time i doubted was when she was afriad of percy

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Percabeth is goals

message 5: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Ingham (markipliertrash) | 12 comments I will have to say yes to that. They make a great couple and I ship it.

message 6: by Angie (new)

Angie (goodreadscomangie) | 3 comments yes

message 7: by Anabelle (new)

Anabelle Thompson | 1 comments Totally Percabeth is like the best ship ever

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