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The Buddha in the Attic
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October 2016: Historical Fiction > The Buddha in the Attic - Julie Otsuka - 4 stars

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Linda C (libladynylindac) | 1118 comments In a series of chronological chapters a group of anonymous Japanese "picture brides" are followed from their boat trip to America through their removal to detention camps during WWII. Each chapter gives a running vignette highlighting an anonymous life, a moment in time, a joy, a tragedy; creating a vision of their existence.

Very thought-provoking. An unusual format. I was hoping for a final chapter encompassing a return from the camps, rather she ends with a shift to the people left behind, their questions and their reactions. I would have liked it to continue with the women's stories. But still an effective book.

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6015 comments It was a 4-star book for me as well.
A snippet from my review:
She writes mostly in a first person plural voice, using short simple sentences. In this way the story is about everyone, or anyone, or no one. Yet it is strongly evocative of time and place, and has an aura of immediacy about it. The reader feels the hopes, sorrows, disappointments, joys, fears, anguish, love, puzzlement, and pride along with these nameless women.
Full Review HERE

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 8858 comments I read this with my friends last year, and we agreed it was an agreement important story to be told. It took
a while to get used to the writing style, but ultimately I found it fascinating and added to the experience of the read. And how did I discover this read? Shelfari, of course! Everyone who shared my book interests had also this one in their shelves at 4 stars or higher.

Michael (mike999) | 569 comments Nice job. I was astounded enough with the originality to render 5 stars. It was so surprising to tap the originating community at the end and feel the horror of the families close to being erased in some cases. That made the gravity of the program's impact really come through for me.

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