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Phule's Company (Phule's Company, #1)
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Phule's Company, by Robert Asprin

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SamZ (samwisezbrown) | 182 comments There were a few things that were unbelievable in this book, mainly the timeline. While I agree that believing in people and not treating them like losers will help them to reach new heights; it generally takes more than 3 months to permanently turn unwanted behaviors around. Also, I kind of felt like having Phule be a billionaire was a bit too easy. You can solve a lot of problems if you have a lot of money to throw at it. However, I still really liked the plot and the characters were well written. The quick pace held my attention and the exploits of the Omega company definitely made me laugh out loud more than a few times.

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J Austill | 673 comments Nice to see Robert Asprin is still getting read. I was big into this author in 6th-7th grade but have been reluctant to revisit in fear that they might not hold up. Still own them all, though, so could be time...

Plus they were all very quick reads.

SamZ (samwisezbrown) | 182 comments We read this for our book club in real life. It was a fun read and I thought that it was still plausible, since it is set in the future and on a different planet. I don't know how it would hold up alongside the nostalgia factor, though, since you loved it as a kid. I wish the books were more readily available; my library doesn't have them and they're out of print. I'm tempted to buy some on amazon for my brother for Christmas and then read them first before passing them on. Normally, this would be rude but he's done it to other siblings before :)

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J Austill | 673 comments ^I'd personally love that, as long as the person doing it didn't take too long reading the book.

I read the first two of these. I felt that the first was better than the second. I recall that it was a bit like Police Academy in Space! As it was a group of rejects that succeed against the highly trained due to accepting their differences and I really liked the Hell's Belles AC/DC reference. Though since then, Hell's Belles became an actual band. Based here in Seattle they are/were an all female AC/DC cover band.

I would reread these both to get a more clear rating and so I could complete the series. I also need to do that with his Myth books, though my issue with those was that the story never really progressed. Like a lot of US sitcoms, they set up a funny situation and then that is repeated in each volume so the first few are always better than the later, as the joke gets old.

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