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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
[ States of The Unknown ]
Based off of United States of Tara

Muse A, is a normal high school boy, with raging sexual hormones. Muse B is a normal Christian high school boy, with raging thoughts of god and the holy bible.

Muse A lives in a house with his able bodied father, his able bodied brothers, and his almost able bodied disease ridden mother. Muse A's mother has DID or MPD, both known as a mental illness that makes one single person have more then one personality, therefore resulting in the person having an disorder. She has at least four sides to her, two are males and two are females, they come out every once in awhile and when they do they cause the family hell for days and it makes living harder. Muse A has always known he was gay since he was in elementary school, but that has nothing to do with anything.

Muse B is a Christian boy who lives with his two able bodied parents and his three sisters, Muse B has the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect love life....well sorta.....let's just say he has an enormous crush on this boy in his grade. But because of who his father is, and who his mother is, he can't tell the boy he likes him.

Both Muses have never met each other, they have never talked to each other, all they really have done is watch the other when they weren't looking. Both Muses are deep in the closet, A's family knows he's gay, B's family doesn't, A has kept his secret from everyone at school for as long as he could remember. B however is very open with it at school, and just last year he came out to his parents before school started, turns out they are huge supporters.

A was once in love with a guy named C, and C was in love with him too, but C was like B so much, C came over though one day while A's mom was transitioning into one of her alters, one of those alters kissed C and A became so angry. He started ignoring his mother, started ignoring his family, he even went as far as almost ignoring his best friend. When C left, A felt heartbroken, that is until the school's only gay Christian after C left, B, offered him a seat at his table.

The two start talking, and as they start talking, they become friends, and as they become friends and hang out, they become best friends, but both are hiding something, both are in love with the other. So when one day B comes over to A's house to work on a project, B confesses his feelings, and A reacts by kissing him, therefore confessing his feelings as well. But what happens when C returns, and he comes to see A only to be met with B? Will C leave and still be friends with A? Or will C compete with B for A's love?

[ Requirements ]

- This is definitely an MxM, there will be no MxF relationships, only with the parents and siblings when occasionally they pop into the RP with their girlfriends or boyfriends.
- I prefer to play as the submissive boy, which would be little insecure Muse A, I just find it's easier for me to play as the submissive, both sexual wise and personality wise.
- If you'd like to play as C when he comes, feel free to do so, but if not, I will gladly play as him when the time comes, I understand how hard it is to play love triangles like this.
- We can start the RP anywhere you'd like, but just make sure it's near where they both become best friends and such.
- Details, I love them, I'd prefer at least a single long paragraph, I understand if you have a brain fart and can't think of anything, I also understand if you don't feel well and can't type as much, just tell me though.
- Don't rush into the romance, it's not one of those love at first sight things, it's a very complicated love thing.
- Sex is pm'd, and swearing should be oka

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QUEEN | 10 comments your first post in the rp....

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QUEEN | 10 comments yah so please just let me do me how i do me and you do u how you do u ok?

name : TBD. (thinking)
age : 17
gender : male
role : Muse B
sister : Amber, Ori, Emily

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Name: Aaron Adrian Aidan
Nickname: Triple A
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Role: Muse A
Beliefs: Atheist
Mother: Angelina
Angelina's Alter 1: Angel
Angelina's Alter 2: Angie
Angelina's Alter 3: Alexander
Angelina's Alter 4: Ashton
Father: Kevin
Brother 1: Alex
Brother 2: Justin
Brother 3: Shawn-Kendall
Kitten: Howard

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay where should we begin?

QUEEN | 10 comments just post something and ill respond

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