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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry Potter Rules!

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Woohoo!

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Yay! So I was wondering if you'd be willing to RP Severus Snape, the marauders era Snape

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Sure! I can't promise how good I'll be at him, but I can definitely try.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay want to make our OC's?

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Yep. Here's mine:

Name: Alison Marie Evans
Age: 17
Year: 7th
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: http://s8.favim.com/orig/150802/beaut...

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Marauders Era

Name: Evan Tyler River
Nickname: Ty
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Slytherin
Appearance: http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1d4mrIp...
Crush: Severus Snape

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Could you start please?? :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sure

George was walking around the castle with Fred at his side, he smiled as they came up to one of their friends, they were going to prank her, her name was Alison, George loved pranking her, she was always such a good sport about it, George was also careful with the pranks so they didn't embarrass her.


Evan was sitting in potions, her eyes glued to the book in front of her eyes, she ran a hand through her hair and then stopped, deciding to put it into a ponytail instead of pushing it back over and over again. She sat up and looked directly at the wall behind the student she sat across from, she then looked back down when she was finished. She sighed as she started on making the potion they were supposed to be making for the class, she looked around trying to find Severus, her friend.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison was walking down the hallway, not seeing the twins at first. She finally spotted them and a grin formed on her face. "I sure hope that you two aren't planning on pranking right now, considering we have quidditch practice in like, 10 minutes." She told them and winked at George, her bag slung over her shoulder. She had developed feelings for George in their 4th year, so she's been crushing on him for 3 years now. She knew she should just push those feelings aside, but she couldn't.


Severus was on the other side of the room, working on his potion. He was completely focused, as he was passionate about potions class. He bit his lip and scanned the instructions again before he added something else and stirred the potion.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " Oi! Good heavens George, your girl always knows when we are up to something," Fred said with a pout as he crossed his arms, George elbowed Fred in the side, causing the other red haired boy to wince and grab his side, he rubbed his side and glared at George. " You've gotten more abusive," Fred said teasingly before looking at Alison. " We were going to, but it was going to be a small prank one that would have made you laugh, and one that will be done later," George said with a grin, he had developed feelings for Alison in their third year, Fred non-stop teased him about it.


Evan found him and smiled as she watched him work, she then went back to her own work, she focused on what she was doing and if it was right, she made a happy noise when she completed the potion, he grabbed one of the potion bottles and put the now made potion into the bottle.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison giggled and leaned against the wall. "Come on you two, go grab your things. I'll wait for you here." She grinned widely and chewed on her lip. Her heart fluttered at the sight of George's messy hair, and his rolled up sleeves, and his undone tie, and his smile, and just everything.


Severus had been the first one in the class to finish and he had already turned his potion in. He was sitting quietly at his table, waiting for the period to end. He packed up his books and glanced over at her, smiling softly.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) George and Fred nodded, " Alright, wait here, we'll be right back," they both said in unison, they then turned and began running back tot he Gryffindor dorms, George yawned as he ran.


Evan was the second one to finish and turn it in, except before she went to her spot, " Excuse me, Miss River, what did you put in this potion?" The professor asked. Evan stopped in her pace on her way to her desk and she turns, she listed all the ingredients. " You added in another one, what is it?!" The professor demanded. " I DIDN'T add anything else in there!" Evan replied. " Detention!" The professor roared. Evan sighed and went to her seat, when she felt eyes on her she looked and saw Severus.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison smiled softly and adjusted her ponytail, setting her bag and broom down on the ground. She had to change into her Quidditch robes once they got to the locker rooms. She waited patiently for the twins, unable to get George off of her mind. In all honesty, he was always on her mind.


Severus frowned softly when she received a detention. He sighed and gave her a look of sympathy. "I'm sorry," He mouthed to her from across the room. He ran a hand through his hair and got up once class was over.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) The twins gathered their stuff from their dorm and then they turned, ready to run back to Alison, " When are you going to tell her?" Fred suddenly asked as he looked at his brother as they ran back to Alison. " I don't know, maybe after this years Triwizard Tournament," George suggested.


Evan sighed and smiled softly at him, she then got up when class was over, her books were gathered in her arms and she walked out of class.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison grabbed her things off of the ground once they arrived. "Took you long enough," She teased and smiled softly. She carried her things and walked with them, not really wanting to go to practice.


Severus waited in the hallway for her, walking with her once she joined him. "You shouldn't have gotten detention, that was rubbish." He said softly and looked at her.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) George walked at Alison and Fred's side, she was beautiful, George sighed softly. He looked at her.


Evan sighed, " Whatever, I don't care anymore," Evan said, " I mean why don't they trust me anymore? Just because they found out my parents were death eaters now they don't trust me? Wow...:" Evan murmured.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison stopped when she saw McGonagall standing by the locker rooms that were outside the quidditch pitch. "Hello Professor." She said softly.

"Hello. It seems that you three have not received the news, but due to the Triwizard Tournament this year, there will be no Quidditch." McGonagall explained.

Alison's face fell. Quidditch was her passion, and now she couldn't play it in her last year at Hogwarts. She sighed softly and looked down at her feet.


Severus sighed and wrapped an arm around her. "I don't know. It's stupid. They shouldn't judge you because of your parents." He explained and walked with her to the great hall for lunch.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " Oi! Why is there no qudditch this year? Just because the triwizard tournament is coming up doesn't mean there shouldn't be any quiddtch ma'am," Fred said as he looked at both his brother and his friend before looking back at Mcgonagall.


Evan leaned into him, " Whatever, things might change," Evan said as she looked at the ground.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Mcgonagall looked at him. "Some events from the tournament will be taking place at the Quidditch pitch, Mr. Weasley." She said firmly.

Alison sighed and chewed on her lip. She turned around and started to walk back to the common room, tears stinging her eyes.


"I'm sure they will." He said reassuringly, rubbing her arm lightly. Severus entered the Great Hall with her and sat down at the Slytherin table.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Fred sighed and looked down at the ground, " Okay then," Fred said and followed George and Alison back to the Gryffindor Common room.


Evan sighed and followed him, she sat beside him when they entered the great hall and came to the Slytherin table.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison sniffled softly and quickly wiped a tear away that had rolled down her cheek. She entered the common room and went straight up to her dorm to change. She came back down a few minutes later in pajamas, her hair in a messy bun, and zero makeup on. Her eyes were also a little red and puffy.


Severus set his bag at his feet and he began to dish up food onto his plate. "Relax," He smiled at her and started dating.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments ((eating**))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) George and Fred went and changed when they came to the commons, they came back out in sweats and came to sit on the couch, leaving a spot between them open for her.


Evan nodded and began eating without saying a word.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison sat down on the couch silently, wiping her eyes. She gently leaned against George and took deep breaths to stay calm. "This is so stupid." She muttered softly.


Severus sighed softly and stayed quiet as he ate his lunch, not sure how to make her feel better. He sipped his drink and kept eating.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) George put an arm around Alison's shoulders, holding her close, he sighed, " Yes I know," George said.


Evan finishes, " Ill be up at the astronomy tower," Evan said softly as she got up.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison sniffled softly and wiped her eyes against as she curled into his side, her body curled into a ball. She sighed and tried to stay calm.


"Okay," Severus sighed softly and kept eating his food as he watched her leave. He frowned, worried about his friend.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) George rubbed her arm, and he held her close, Fred put an arm around her too, hoping to help comfort her.


Evan went up to the tower, she looked out at the world, she felt a hand on her back and turned to find Dumbledore, " Your detention has been revoked, the professor had no right to assume you put anything else in that potion, James came to me and confessed," Dumbledore said. Evan nodded, she knew James had a crush on her and the only way he showed it was through bullying her, but Evan only focused on her crush, which was her best friend, she watched Dumbledore leave and then tuned back to look back at the sky.

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violetmist18 | 158 comments ((I'm just gonna say that the George one is a bit of an altered universe since we are going with Triwizard during their last year at hogwarts instead of their 6th year.))

Alison cried softly into his side. "I just wanted a great year of Quidditch to finish out my time here at Hogwarts." She whispered and hiccuped softly.


Severus finished his lunch and he headed to the Astronomy tower. He set his stuff down and stood next to her, not saying anything.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( okay ^^ ))

George sighed softly and nodded, " I understand," George said with another sigh.


Evan sighed and put her head on his shoulder, " My detention got revoked, are we still on for hogsmeade today?" Evan said softly,

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violetmist18 | 158 comments Alison wiped her eyes quickly, becoming insecure of her tears. "I'm sorry. I'm overreacting." She whispered softly and grabbed a tissue.


Severus smiled brightly. "Of course we are." He grinned and let her lean into his side. He was so happy to have her as his best friend. His only friend, really.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I'm so sorry I forgot about this! It's been six months my god! Again I'm sorry, do you want to continue this one? Or do you want to start over with new ocs?

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