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Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have about the new 'Hall of Fame' badge scheme. If you have a question that isn't on the list, just ask!

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame is a folder where members can display the badges they have earned for completing TLC challenges.

What are the badges for?

The badges are just for fun and a way to encourage you to complete challenges. If you wanted to you could display a link to your badge thread on your profile page to show off your achievements to your friends who aren't members of TLC.

How do I earn badges?

Before you can start to earn badges you will need to create your own badge thread in this folder. For instructions on how to do this see 'Start Collecting Badges'

Then just complete challenges within the given time frame as you normally would and be sure to re-post your whole challenge as a new message to let us know you have finished. The mods will then post your badges to your badge thread.

I had a badge thread. What happened to it?

It was decided that it made more sense to ask members who wanted to collect badges to create their own badge thread. That way we are only awarding badges to those who want them. The original badge threads created by Caroline have been archived. Once you create your own thread, the badges that you have previously earned will be transferred from the archived thread to your new thread. For instructions on how to create your thread see 'Start Collecting Badges'

Which challenges can I earn badges for?

All current TLC challenges posted by an official Mod (past or present) will be eligible for badge rewards.

Challenges that were moved to the 'Archives' prior to September 2016 are not eligible.

'Create a Challenge' challenges are not eligible.

*The original version of The Literature Map Chain Challenge is also not eligible as it doesn't have a given target to complete. The revamped version will be eligible.

I completed the Scattergories challenge in August 2016, why didn't I get a badge?

Unfortunately, it would have been too big a task to go through all the challenges that have ever been posted on TLC to see who had earned a badge. We had to have a cut off point, so it was decided that any challenges that had already been archived when the reward scheme started (September 2016) would not be eligible.

I've completed an eligible challenge but didn't get my badge.

We did our very best to check all active challenges for badges earned, but mistakes do happen. If we missed awarding you a badge please let us know in the comments below and we'll fix it. If you can post a link to the completed challenge that would be helpful, but if not just let us know which challenge and the message number of your completion post.

Can I earn more badges by doing challenges I've already done?

You can complete active challenges as many times as you like and will receive a badge each time.

I missed completing a challenge by only 3 books, can I go back and finish to get my badge?

That depends on the challenge. If it is an open ended one then it can be completed at any time, however long it might have been since you last updated. If it is a challenge with a deadline and that deadline has passed then you won't be able to go back and finish off. You can have another go at the challenge though.

Can I post on my badge thread?

Only mods can award badges but feel free to make comments on your own or anybody else's thread. Check in and congratulate your friends on their badge collections!

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