Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1) Lady Midnight question

Which characters did you find best?
Hana P.B. Hana (last edited Oct 02, 2016 07:08AM ) Oct 02, 2016 07:06AM
I found Julian Blackthorn's character quite amazing, Mature, Wise beyond his years and how he comes up to rescue every member of his family through the troubles of everyday life.

I had trouble with the fact that there were so many characters, and most of them did annoy me. However, I do have a character that is my favorite. I liked Malcolm, yes he was awful and tried to kill the kids but still he was a well-made character and you could really feel bad for what was done to him in the past. It didn't justify what he did to the kids, but he's my favorite because he was a well-round character, and interesting to read about.

I saw Julian as a good figure in the story, he was the one to raise the family and be there for him even since the age of 12! The way he was described was good and he was smart and wise

mine was Julian and Kit,man!! i love Julian he has become one of my favorite characters of all time. i love the dark characters and Julian is defiantly dark. He is so complex and just over all an amazing person.
Now lets talk about Kit Harondale. i love him so much thta is hurts i love his realtionships with the other characters and i love how funny he is and how wonderful and considerit he is to my baby Ty. i love Mark he is the fairy that lives in my heart. i love Marks character so much these are my faves in all of YA.

Mark, my complicated fairy! Love him!

My is also Julian ^^'

I liked Mark the most. The struggles he faces make me think he is a more complex character. He is definitely one to watch in the future.

Mark. Wow, he seems to be the popular one!

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