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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Anyone read Witch Hunt - what did you think?

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon | 24 comments Yes. Witch Hunt, Ian Rankin aka Jack Harvey 1993. 10/12/2013. iBook. 4/5. Good read.

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Yep Sharon, it certainly is.

message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian Witch Hunt completed.

A thoroughly good read - recommend to all.

Is this group still active? - please reply if you are remotely interested.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon | 24 comments I remember it as a good read as was the next in that group....having read all the Rebus books happily for years plus these other books, I consider Rankin one of my favorite authors. A stand alone of this author I remember as excellent was The Flood.....
Some on the stand alone category:
The Flood (1986)
Watchman (1988)
Westwind (1990) Cannot find!
Doors Open (2008)
The Complaints (2009)
Crimespotting 2009
A Cool Head. 2009
Dark Road. 2014. iBook 17 July .........

Bleeding Hearts. 1994. Read and good.
Witch Hunt (2004) Original Jack Harvey 1998. iBook 7/2013
Blood Hunt (2006) Original Jack Harvey 1996 iBook 7/2013

Dark Entries....comic book √ This was not really for me!

message 6: by Ian (new)

Ian Hi Sharon,

Just started reading his work and been scouring all the local charity shops to build up a collection - how sad! :) Getting pristine hardback editions for £1 - fantastic!

As a result I now have about 15 of his stories but have only read 3 as yet - all good. Planning on now working my way through them.

Knotts and Crosses - good, despite a weak ending (I thought)

Black and Blue - really good story.

Witch Hunt - very enjoyable.

No "Westwind" as yet - will let you know if and when I find it.

BTW, Why did he decide to write under the name of Jack Harvey - any story behind it?

message 7: by Sharon (last edited Oct 05, 2016 11:08PM) (new)

Sharon | 24 comments Not sure, don't remember but his life story is quite interesting and I think he was trying out various things. Good for you tracking down the books...I have enjoyed them all very much since the beginning and always look forward to a new book. I suggest you look at his web site and sign up for his newsletter by email. I find it very interesting and I also follow him on FB and Twitter.

I only read digital now but have most of the books before that in a nice section on the shelves...
IAN RANKIN. Scotland ..Edinburgh READ ALL √√√

Inspector Rebus
1. Knots and Crosses (1987)
2. Hide and Seek (1990)
3. Tooth and Nail (1992) aka Wolfman
4. Strip Jack (1992)
5. The Black Book (1993)
6. Mortal Causes (1994)
7. Let It Bleed (1995)
8. Black and Blue (1997)
9. The Hanging Garden (1998)
10. Dead Souls (1999)
11. Set in Darkness (2000)
12. The Falls (2001)
13. Resurrection Men (2002)
14. A Question of Blood (2003)
15. Fleshmarket Close (2004) aka Fleshmarket Alley
16. The Naming Of The Dead (2006)
17. Exit Music (2007)
18. Standing in Another's Man Grave. November 2012 iBook
19. Saints of the Shadow Bible. iBook √
20. Even Dogs in the Wild. October 22, 2015. .........preordered iBook
21. Rather Be The Devil. 3 November 2016. Pre-Ordered iBook...

Fox series: √
The Complaints
The Impossible Dead 2012

A Good Hanging: And Other Stories (1992)
Death Is Not the End (1998)
Rebus: The Early Years (omnibus) (1999)
Rebus: The St Leonard's Years (omnibus) (2001)
Three Great Novels: Strip Jack / The Black Book / Mortal Causes (omnibus) (2001)
Rebus: The Lost Years (omnibus) (2003)
Capital Crimes (omnibus) (2004)
REBUS complete SS.....
The Beat Goes On. SS Oct 9 2014. iBook pre orders 12.99

message 8: by Ian (new)

Ian Thanks Sharon - will sign up for the newsletter and await to see plans for next year's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Happy reading!

message 9: by Ian (new)

Ian (view spoiler)

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