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Christine Group read for October 2016 - 50 books

Christine Has anyone bothered to read this this month? If so, which tale did you like the best and why?

Longhare Content | 107 comments I finally got through the Prologue, and I'm feeling very proud of myself!

I actually spent a few weeks reading background stuff and watching YouTube videos. I watched the Mark Steel lectures several times because they made me laugh. I had to wait for my Riverside Chaucer to arrive (ordered through Abe Books from some distributor in the UK), then I read the Introduction and tried to absorb a modicum of the grammar and syntax business before diving in. I'm getting it, and it's speeding up. I have to say, if I were in school, this would have killed me. Though, come to think of it, I did take a medieval lit course in college and I don't remember studying Chaucer at all. So it didn't kill me, though it did give me amnesia.

I was hoping the Riverside would have side-by-side original and modern translation, but it doesn't. It does have huge quantities of footnotes for unfamiliar words, which helps. I may go back and listen to some audio of the Prologue and read along and see if I can get a handle on the meter. It's hard to get a sense of the rhythms when you're clumsily trying to puzzle out the phonetics and checking footnotes--but it is getting easier with practice. I will push on.

Has anyone seen The Knight's Tale? My daughter said it was really good, but I don't know if that's just the Heath Ledger [picture floating heart emojis here] effect.

Buck (spectru) Christine wrote: "Has anyone bothered to read this this month? If so, which tale did you like the best and why?"

I read The Canterbury Tales a couple of years ago. I got a kick out of The Millers Tale. It's quite ribald (that's the word they used back then to describe such things).

Christine I read The Canterbury Tales last year and I will confess to just reading the modern translation. Although my copy had the original it was quite hard on a kindle to go back and forward between the two. This is why paper books are so much better than ebooks.

I like The Millers Tale too, but also The Reeves Tale in reply to the miller. I have seen The Knight's Tale which was good but the BBC did a great production in 2003 of the 6 best stories set in modern times.

Longhare Content | 107 comments

Ooo! I will look that up. Thanks

Longhare Content | 107 comments I was making progress. Got as far as the Friar's Tale, then had to hit the pause button on all my reading so that I can meet some Dec/Jan work deadlines. I'm enjoying the experience, but I'm finding reading it in the original is a lot of work. Wife of Bath is a hoot! Love her. Also liking the dynamics among the pilgrims. Will pick it up again in the new year. Merry year-end holidays to everyone.

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