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Catherine I'm starting this today. I don't think I've ever read this one, that I can recall. Looking forward to it!

Catherine When my copy came in, I noticed it was previously published as "Murder at Hazelmoor", which DOES sound familiar. I might have read this in my teens/early 20's. I'm enjoying it so far!

Michelle Joubert I LOVE this book - read it about two years ago and can't wait to get stuck in again.

Catherine I finished it tonight, I loved it! I'll re-read it again someday. It will be a nice book to read in the winter -- the book begins with a big snowstorm.

Reija | 41 comments Oh, I really liked whole winter stuff here too! Too bad that I read it during summer, I just finished Hollow which happened during fall and it felt great. I have sometimes had challenge where I read book in their right time in real world so this would go nicely to winter theme.

Catherine I am always up for a new reading challenge!

Michelle Joubert I'm keen.

Catherine I have an idea for a challenge. Since A.C. had books published for several decades, what about a challenge where you have to read one book from each decade it was published? Actually for this challenge you could have a few levels, the easy level being one from each decade, which would total 6 books (1920's through 1970's), the intermediate level could be two books from each decade for a total of 12 books and the expert level could be three books per decade for a total of 18 books. Here's a link to the entire list of her books: http://agatha-christie-cms-production...

Catherine Cool!! Thanks Lauren!

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Mark Pghfan | 95 comments One of my favorites. Truly ingenious, but ultimately believable. It is a tragedy what the TV adaptation did to it.

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Catty I'd be happy to do a challenge like the one the poster fun! Bring it on!!

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