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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana | 11 comments Mod
One of my favorite things about family history is discovering the "dash" : all of the events that happened to a person between their birth and death. Although, Annie's life events were sad, I loved how the author told her story and opened my eyes to the attitudes towards mental illness of the time. I discovered my own great grandfather's medical records from his stay in a state hospital for seventeen years. Reading Annie's Ghosts gave me a better perspective and a desire to learn more about his story and put it into words.

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen Bobrow | 1 comments I was doing my own family research when I read stumbled upon this book. I was looking for nonfiction books with a genealogy woven into this story. It was a sad story in on a topic of which I have little knowledge, but I was particularly interested in the author's research involved in learning his aunt's story.

Steve Luxenberg's research, some in areas similar to mine, inspired me to dig further, so I wrote to him to thank him. I was surprised that he wrote back, and he told me that if I needed help in my own search, I should not hesitate to help. So I did take him up on his offer and he offered some helpful suggestions.

So I learned that it never hurts to reach out and ask anyone.

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