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message 1: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Ok guys!!!! If you have any predictions, comments, favorite moments or anything related to KOTLC (It doesn't have to be about Sophitz, even though that will be mostly what we will be discussing here) feel free to share them!!!!

Think about this for a second:

Do you think that Fitz feels the same way about Keefe as Sophie does Linh? (Sophie is slightly envious of Linh, but doesn't show it, since Linh is very nice and a little delicate)

I've always had a feeling that Alvar and Keefe interupt a LOT of Sophitz moments (mostly in Everblaze) and I'm pretty sure that Alvar supports Keefe more than his very own sweet little brother who looks up to him--Alvar is a jerk to poor Fitz. Agree or Agreeably disagree?

Also, the last we see of Fitz in Neverseen, his voice is "like black ice" what changes do you think we'll see in Fitz when we see him again in Lodestar? How will he react to Keefe taking Alver's steps-especially since Keefe was or is Fitz's best friend.

Hope you like this discussion!!!!

message 2: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments Wow okay wow that's so cool.For me,i think i agree with you saying that Alvar and Keefe interrupt Sophitz moments (it'S SO FRUSTRATING UGH) and well,i dont like to think Alvar hates Fitz but it is true,he called Fitz the "Golden Boy" and always disses him like in NEVERSEEN where he jokes that Fitz repeats everything Alvar taught him.

I dont really know what to expect of Fitz in LODESTAR but i trust he wont become as reckless as him .And i harbour high hopes that Sophitz will become canon in LODESTAR,that's my wish!!!

And well,i've posted this in Insta but i'll post it here too:
Ever since reading KOTLC,I had a gut feeling that Sophie and Fitz would be together,even when Keefe appeared.There's just so much chemistry going on and sure,he might have thought of her as a sister but now(in NEVERSEEN) he realized that she's much older in elven age.He's always been the one to save her from falling in base quest and he was the one to carry her to the Healing Center and didn't blink even when she totally just puked all over him.Every time she slips and fall,he's there to catch her,and also when they were doing the trust exercises,he would never drop her.Au contraire to Keefe whom teases them and says "I'll only drop you once,I promise". Then there's the thing about Exile which you all hate that Fitz just went bonkers and accused her and blames her and whatnot.Sure I was angry and disappointed at him then but he made up for all of it and he was in distress because he loves his father.See the similarities between this situation and Keefe's? He shouts and throws things and is depressed and shuts himself in.Whereas Keefe starts thinking about all the things that happened in the past and sobers.Sophie is there to console both,but only one accepts her consoles.So as you can clearly see,Fitz is not "too perfect for her" he has his own flaws,and have we forgotten about him envying her abilities? He was jealous of her in the beginning remember?

Let's not skip over the fact that they're cognates,which is a big deal for both of them.Cognates can only happen if they're both powerful and mentally strong and trusts each other completely.They bonded together mentally,who's to say they won't bond physically?Can you imagine the akwardness if Fitz ended up with Linh and Sophie with Keefe?They'd still have to share everything.

message 3: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I completely agree with you--do you think that Fitz feels the same way about Keefe as Sophie does Linh? (Sophie is slightly envious of Linh, but doesn't show it, since Linh is very nice and a little delicate)

I mean, Sophie isn't mean to Linh, even though she is slightly jealous because Sophie thinks that Fitz might like Linh. And a lot of people think that Fitz doesn't like Sophie because he doesn't show any jealousy to Keefe or Dex. (Basically, Fitz is not mean)
It's just because he's a super nice person that people see his lack of showing jealousy (lets not forget that moment in Lodestar when Fitz's emotional center is jealous--and it's not the mention of Sophie's abilities that sets him off-that's for sure) as an indicator that Fitz does not like Sophie. Which, I've found, is a false theory.

If you dig deeper, like I did, you'll find evidence that Fitz probably does like Sophie. The text below is when they are doing a cognate exercise in Neverseen: (I will put their transmissions in ' and ' and italics will have parenthesis.)

"'Okay,' she said. 'Favorite subject in school?'
Her face flashed in his mind and she forced herself not to wonder what (that) meant.
'This one's harder,' he said, moving on to the next question quickly.

Do ya see what I see? Yes, Fitz hides his crush REALLY well, but maybe Sophie doesn't see everything that other people see. I mean, Sophie tends to be oblivious to certain things--like, if you had a crush on someone, would you be watching them very closely to see if they liked you back or concentrate on hiding your crush so much that you don't notice any slips that the person you have a crush on made?

Keep in mind, this is Sophie's point of view, and she's more of the type that concentrates on hiding her crush so much that she doesn't notice any slips Fitz might have made--meaning that the slips aren't even written in the book! Of course, we will just have to wait and see for less than a month now (JOY!!!!) to see what will happen between Sophitz.

The piece that absolutely confirms my revelation about Fitz liking Sophie:

1) Copy and paste the URL above in a new tab, and scroll down until you see a place that says "characters."

2) Read Fitz's description--I'll post it below

"Fitz Vacker is the confident teal-eyed heartthrob who spent years secretly helping his dad search for Sophie in the human world. And despite coming from a famously important family, he's actually very down-to-earth. Like Sophie, he's a Telepath, though not *quite* as powerful as she is. And even though he's two grade levels ahead of Sophie at Foxfire Academy--the school they both attend--he still sits with her at lunch. He's best friends with Keefe, but he's also “Mr. Popular,” and quite a few girls at Foxfire are known to have crushes on him. He never knows what do do what that, just like he doesn't always know the right thing to say to Sophie.

But he cares about her more than she knows--more than he knows, sometimes. Maybe it's because he saw how hard it was for Sophie to leave her human life behind, or because she's close in age to his younger sister, Biana, but he feels a special connection with Sophie, and does everything he can to keep her happy and safe."

message 4: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Also, this piece from the KOTLC website proves that Fitz likes Sophie: (From Dex's description)

" less-than-thrilled to find himself in a competition with Fitz--and maybe Keefe--to win Sophie’s heart."


Please share my revelations with other KOTLC fans who don't think Fitz likes Sophie.

message 5: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments OhaHAHAHAha

Sorry. I may have gone a little insane there for a moment.
That makes me SO happy. I've always kinda been annoyed at Fitz for NOT having a crush on sophie. I kinda figured that there would be *some* sign he was hiding it from her in their telepathy training. He said he didn't have any more secrets from her.
I always wonder at that one point when she's about to confess her crush, why he doesn't have any suspicions.
Maybe it's because of his OWN thoughts about her...

And YES!
Alvar and Keefe always DO interrupt Sophitz moments! With Keefe, I'm not quite sure if it's intentional or just really bad coincidence, but with Alvar, he's SO doing it to be annoying.
I get the feeling that Alvar really has issues with Fitz. He may love him, deep inside, but he doesn't like him. He's jealous over a lot of things, (which is kinda sad, considering how much Fitz looks up to him.) and he's always putting him down.
I think it might have to do with that one time when they where kids when Terik descryed them. And it was supposed to be for Alvar and then he did it for Fitz to, and he got this wonderful awesome destiny. I mean, Fitz totally deserved it, but Alvar seems to kinda hate him for that, and for all the attention he's getting, and cuz he's so good at everything. It's an interesting relationship. I hope it gets more exploration in lodestar.

And YES> I am VERY curious to see how he reacts to Keefe's betrayal...

And what do you guys think of the new symbol? (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check Shannon's instagram.)
It's driving me NUTS not knowing. IS it ANOTHER secret society?

message 6: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I don't have instagram--ad right now it's driving mu nuts not knowing e=what you are talking about--could you please copy and paste it somehow? Or give me a link to the symbol? Oh gosh, I feel really nervous? How can there be ANOTHER organization? Wow, this is great information. Please please please somehow show me if I don't somehow get my hands on it yet.

message 7: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Amelia, also for what you were saying that Fitz doesn't mind Sophie know all his secrets? Remember his exact words? He didn't say "I don't mind you knowing all my secrets at all!" he said "Not really" as his response to Sophie asking him if he was okay about her knowing all his thoughts.


Also, (try not to panic), but Fitz might also be okay with Sophie knowing all his thoughts because he himself does not know all his feelings for her. (If anything, I'm sure they will come out in LODESTAR, because some of them came out in NEVERSEEN)

Of course, I keep coming back to the time in Cognate training when Fitz's emotional center was jealous.

message 8: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Again, what do you think triggered Fitz's jealousy?

message 9: by *Ramya* (last edited Oct 03, 2016 07:59PM) (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Just saw the mysterious symbol--gosh, Mrs. Messenenger says that it is the mysterious symbol Sophie has to translate--read the description of Lodestar:

Dark schemes unfold--and Sophie's loyalty is pushed to the limit--in this thrilling fifth book in the best-selling KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES SERIES.

Sophie Foster is back in the Lost Cities--but the Lost Cities have changed. The threat of war hangs heavy over her glittering world, and the Neverseen are wreaking havoc.

The lines between friend and enemy have blurred, and Sophie is unsure whom to trust. But when she's warned that the people she loves most will be the next victims, she knows she has to act.

A mysterious symbol could be the key--if only she knew how to translate it. Every new clue seems to lead deeper into her world's underbelly and the Black Swan aren't the only ones who have plans. The Neverseen have their own Initiative, and if Sophie doesn't stop it, they might finally have the ultimate means to control her.

Ultimate means to control SOPHIE? I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!

*ratherbereading* Mod
One of the things I am most hoping to find out in Lodestar is what Fitz says to Sophie to clear the point of trust and enter her head. It probably has something to do with how he feels about her and along with what he gets jealous over in the mushroom garden are driving me crazy trying to figure out!!!!

Also I've thought about why he isn't worried about sharing secrets is not that he doesn't have feelings for sophie and therefore has nothing to hide, but more he might not care if she knows how he feels. I mean, boys minds probably work different and he might think that it wouldn't be the most embarrassing thing ever if she finds out but will wait until the right time and see before if she shows any feeling. It's also quite likely that he doesn't want to admit to himself that he has feelings for her so he tries to ignore them. We will just have to wait and see!!!

message 11: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Yeah, after yesterday I was thinking about it and I came up with some of the same ideas. Although I think the second one is more likely. Unless he for some reason thought she already knew, I'm not sure why he'd hold it back, other than not wanting to admit it being true, or being embarrassed about it.
Actually, nevermind. I'm trying to figure out what would happen if he were to confess it to her with Dex being there...

message 12: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Ooooo....those are some real good theories. I've sometimes thought that maybe Fitz didn't mind Sophie that he liked her-but then I was just like hmm...if Fitz doesn't mind telling her, why didn't he tell her already?

And now that that you've put it in a clear cut way, I've been thinking even more...and guess what? Fitz is very loyal and Fitz is also Keefe's best friend, right? So what if Fitz knows about Keefe's feelings (he already knows Dex's--why not?) so Fitz doesn't want to hurt Dex or well, mostly Keefe, which is why he hasn't confessed yet.

You are absolutely right about one thing: Boy's minds do think in a different way--everybody does.

So anybody think that the moments that Keefe and Alvar interrupt are the moments that Fitz was about to confess his feelings? (See posts above to know what I mean by Keefe and Alvar interrupting)

message 13: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments It COULD be!

I'm not sure about all the moments your mentioning, so I might be remembering it wrong, but that makes SO MUCH SENSE.

And yeah... The Dex/Fitz relationship Is SO FUNNY. It adds a lot of depth to a series when not all of the friends get along...

message 14: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I know, right? The moments I am reffering to are mostly: 1) When Fitz and Sophie are talking near the end of Exile about Fitz being a jerk to Sophie and etc, Alvar interupts something Fitz was about to say--keep in mind, also, that Fitz steps closer to Sophie as he is about to say whatever he was about to say--he was alao tracing the star shaped scar on her hand, so...
2) At Kenric's funeral, Sophie is at (I don't know if I am remembering this right, but....) her Wanderling tree-- Fitz is there, too, and he tells Sophie he may have a lead and is about to say somethong else, but Keefe interupts them, along with Biana

Those are probably some of the main moments I'm remembering--sorry if I got any details wrong, even though I shouldn't, since I've read the books SO many times

message 15: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Of course, let us not forget the moment in Neverseen when Sophiecis about to tell Fits she LIKES him--and there are actually some people who think Sophie likes Keefe. Of course, Sophie's feelings COULD POSSIBLY change, but that is unlikely, and I hope with all my heat for SOPHITZ!!!!

message 16: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments I. Love. That. Moment.

And as for Sophie having a crush on Keefe... I don't know. She's definitely crushing on Fitz, but I don't think even she entirely understands how she feels about Keefe. I think a romance could definitely happen there. But it could not possibly be as awesome as Sophitz.

message 17: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Did you see the teaser Shannon Messenger posted on Instagram? It had Fitz in it!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

message 18: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Oooh... So excited for more Fitz.
I'm interested to see how HE'LL take this.

message 19: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Take what? Keefe's betrayal?

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (Sweet_Books) Ramya wrote: "I completely agree with you--do you think that Fitz feels the same way about Keefe as Sophie does Linh? (Sophie is slightly envious of Linh, but doesn't show it, since Linh is very nice and a littl..."
Omg yes !! i'm sure that his favorite subject is telepathy because he's with Sophie

message 21: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I know, right? HOW does Sophie not see that he likes her? Well...yes, it's hard to see if someone has a crush on you if they work hard to hide it, but......still.....

message 22: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
This is the teaser Mrs. Messenger posted today:

LodestarSophie grit her teeth. "Be very glad I haven't figured out how to mentally smack you. It's on my list of goals."

At first, I thought Sophie was talking to Keefe, but then I read something someone else posted, and thought:
It said "mentally" smack you, so Sophie must be talking about/to.......

Ok, I do not know WHY this is making me ridiculously happy, but I'm thinking that if she's talking about/to Fitz,
Sophitz is sailing!!!!!!!

message 23: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Please tell me I'm not crazy.......


message 24: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments I don't even care WHO she's smacking, whoever it is, it makes me ridiculously happy.

If it's Fitz-I wonder which situation made her want to mentally smack him...

If it's Keefe-Yay, talking to Keefe! I've been wondering about how much he'll be in this book because... you know.

If it's Wylie-He's supposed to take a more prominent role in this one... I'm excited to see what he's really like. So far it's mostly just been brooding.

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*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I agree, but I really hope that ne of the only reasons she would get mad at Fitz would probavly be because he read her mind when he waan't supposed to...or someyhing else leading to Sophitz!!!!

message 26: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
And Wylie does brood a lot in the books

message 27: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments OoOOoh, Fitz reading Sophie's mind.
That sounds fun.
Sooner or later, he MUST find out she likes him. There's NO WAY she can keep that secret much longer.
I'm very excited for that moment...

message 28: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Me too!!!!

message 29: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Also, I posted this in the Lodestar Countdown as ONE of my most favorite scenes:

Ok, remember that scdne in Everblaze that Mr. Forkle tells the team that he will show Fitz how to get past Sophie's blocking? When I read Everblaze today--for the twelfth time (literally)--when I read that scene, I remembered that I loved the part when:

"[Fitz] He leaned toward her, 'What do I say?'
'How would I know?' Sophie said, 'I don't even know what [Mr. Forkle] HE says [to get past her blocking].'

Fitz sighed, searching her face like the answer would be scrawled across her lips. And maybe it did, because a few seconds later, he shouted, 'I'm in!'"

The last few words might not be exact, because I'm writing this from my memory of it from about 3 hours ago, but you get the gist of it.

I know that one thing we will probably find out in Lodestar is what Fitz says to Sophie's subconscious mind to gain her trust and enter her mind.

Also, did you see what I saw?

The answer was scrawled across her LIPS.

Please share what you make of that!!!!!!!

message 30: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Opposites attract--and remember that time when Fitz told Sophie he wanted to be special\extraordinary, like Sophie, and Sophie told Fitz that she wanted to be ordinary, like her? That was when they figured out that was the reason they trusted each other--also, Cognates are different things or have different jobs (EX: Probe and Keeper)--OPPOSITES!!!! (My point is, Sophie and Fitz are opposites, and opposites attract)

Please, please share what you think--any other revelations/hidden clues?

message 31: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments I was reading something in Exile and I saw something, and I was WAY EXCITED over it, but then I totally forgot what it was... *facepalm*

message 32: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Was it at the end?

message 33: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
I know that feeling!!!!!!!!

message 34: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Okay, sit tight for the new teaser:

"All you need to know is that I'm not like you, okay? The Neverseen aren't going to give me a choice."

And yes! Mrs. Messenger confirmed that this is Keefe talking!
The more teasers I see, the more I start seeing Sophitz having a little more advantage. Of course, that could also mean that Foster-Keefe will have a big comeback, but for now....I see Sophitz!!!!!!!!

message 35: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Okay...
So, I've been sick the last few days, and because I am a HUGE nerd, I've spent them reading all of the really old posts off of Mrs' Messenger's blog.
(And NO, for those of you who are wondering I WAS NOT doing it because I'm a stalker. I just really like writing blogs.)
(Okay maybe a little bit a stalker :p)

Anyway, the IMPORTANT THING is that she mentioned in some of those SUPER OLD blog posts that she intended the Keeper series to be around 7-8 books when finished.


I know this has nothing to do with the Sophitz thread, but the mere idea of seven Keeper books is making me crazy and excited, so I'm just posting it in the first thread I see...

*ratherbereading* Mod
AHHHHHH!!!! I hope that's true!!!! I needed to have something to hope for and to keep my spirits up today.... Also where did you find that at?

*ratherbereading* Mod
Amelia inspired me so I read some of Shannon's old blog stuff and found this question she answered

Coolest plot twist you've ever created?

Sadly I can't reveal this, but trust me--it's awesome. You won't get to read it unless I write my whole series (it happens around book 5 or 6) but OMG IT IS EPIC! The only other person who knows is my husband (who is sworn to secrecy) and when I told him he was quiet for a minute and then blinked and said, "Whoa..." I can't wait till I get to write it.

Book 5 or 6 AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Also on Twitter Shannon posted the plot of lodestar in emojis!!!! So funny!!!

message 38: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Yeah, that's one of them. There were a couple others where she mentioned a book seven also.

And YES! Lodestar spoilers! I don't think I can copy and paste it, but I'm going to TRY to translate it here:

Girl>Building>Megaphone+confetti>Angry face> Explosion> Looking up at the ceiling face>Hourglass>Envelope>Star> Worried face? Injured in the hospital? Can't get this one.
>Family>Devil face>Figuring stuff out face>Gear>Door>Disappointed?>SHINY star!>Eyeball>Caution sign>Broken heart>Unicorn>Castle>WEIRD devil face>TOTALLY SURPRISED face>Explosion>Explosion>Explosion>Crying face>Sobbing face>house>Upside down smiley face

message 39: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Whoa...I can' t tell if I am happy or EVEN MORE eager for Lodesdtar now. Well, I'm both because....SEVEN BOOKS?

*ratherbereading* Mod
AHHHHHHHHH IKR!!!! Of course that was years ago and everything could have changed since then... *sticks a giant pin in the bubble of happiness we were all floating in*

message 41: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments Its true,there will be seven books and she already signed a contract for them

message 42: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Wait? Really? How do you know? When I get home, I'll look at ramblingsofswannabewriter(or author, I can't remember) and see what Mrs. Messenger posted for the number of books in the series!!!!!!!

*ratherbereading* Mod

message 44: by *Amelia* (new)

*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 160 comments Ramblingsofawannabescribe.

And I don't know how easy it will be to find, I looked through several hundred of them and I'm not entirely sure how recent the ones that mentioned it were.

message 45: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Okay, the recent posts say that at the moment there will be five books--and that there were originally going to be three books--so I am REALLY confused on what to believe. So far, just keep an eye out for any hint of a book 6!!!!!!!

message 46: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
Also, guys, I was thinking, if there will be a book 6 and 7 (hypothetically) then do you think that we might be able to see who Sophie gets on her matchmaking scroll?

The one future problem about Sophie's matchmaking scroll is that since Sophie and Fitz are Telepaths, and matchmaking scrolls mix up abilities.......

They *might* not appear in the matchmaking scrolls--or maybe they will, because they are Cognates and the "personal preference"--I don't even know if the matchmakers actually DO take personal preference as one of the main factors, even though that should clearly be the most important factor.

*ratherbereading* Mod
No words. Heart exploding. Dead.

message 48: by *Ramya* (new)

*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
My happiness cannot be illustrated by anything...☺☺

*ratherbereading* Mod
Hehe totally...

Also I know this is like the coolest thing ever, but for future reference, could you please refrain from swearing? Also I would be eternally grateful to you if you would edit that out.... It is the first rule of the Fitz Fandom group....

Anyway, away from the rule inforcingness, if their is 7 books that probably means Lodestar will end in a depressing cliff hanger and then we will have to wait a WHOLE. NOTHER. YEAR for book 6. *sigh*

message 50: by sasha (new)

sasha (lovelayla) | 39 comments oH HAHAH THAT WASNT ME,it was the original poster on tumblr,and i just copy n pasted itsorry i should've payed more attention haha

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