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John Seymour 6.. Compare and contrast the novel’s principal female characters, Grushenka and Katerina. In what way does the concept of redemption apply to each of them, and how do they each go about finding the redemption that they seek? How different are their situations—morally, socially, psychologically—from those of the other main characters, simply by virtue of their being women?

Book Wormy | 1837 comments Mod
The main difference is they are viewed as weaker with limited choices, Grushenka had to use sex for money and influence while Katerina is there to be married off to a man who doesn't love her to give her a position in life.

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Pip | 1325 comments They both are independently wealthy, Grushenka by being clever with acquiring money but Katya by inheritance. Katya is more philanthropic, perhaps because she didn't earn wealth for herself. She is the more caring of others in society. However both see their romantic relationships as the most important thing in their lives (as they undoubtedly were) but Grushenka, being more worldly wise, handles herself better in her relationships. Katya is spiteful when crossed. Both, however, seek redemption in much the same way. Being women in nineteenth century Russia (or anywhere) meant that they were more reactive to circumstances rather than being actors upon them. Katya believes she will find redemption by nursing Ivan back to health and helping Dmitri to escape imprisonment. Grushenka is willing to follow Dmitri into exile for her own redemption.

John Seymour Again, I agree with Pip.

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