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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Scifi/fantasy set in world where people encourage to be permanently teenagers, seeking thrills, changing appearance (not The Uglies)

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Liz | 6 comments Looking for a book I read circa early-90s, sci fiction/fantasy, pretty sure it was a fairly well known female fantasy author - but after a perfunctory scan, nothing by Ursula LG or Sheri S Tepper sounds quite right...

Now.. the plot of the book I'm looking for sounds quite similar to The Uglies (but significantly pre-dates it) so I hope I'm not getting any details confused...

Set in (future?) where everyone lives in an artificial environment where every whim catered to, encouraged to experiment with appearance (dramatically), sexuality, gender, to be irresponsible and hedonistic. One girl grows tired of it and breaks out. Fights system, end result is it's positioned that this is what the people running the show expect and it;s part of growing up.moving on to next phase... but we suspect something more sinister...

I think the book might be named after the word they use to describe the lifestyle they live.. or maybe the main character's name.

A really weird thing I remember (which may or may not actually be from this book) is; in the badlands or wherever it is she ends up, there's a trio of robots called Bors, Elgar and Yay (or something equally silly)

Pretty vague sorry ... any one got a clue??

message 2: by Liz (last edited Oct 01, 2016 06:32PM) (new)

Liz | 6 comments Ooh, I just solved it my clever self. 'Tis:
Biting the Sun - Tanith Lee

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