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message 1: by Katherine, Camp Director (new)

Katherine Kitwood (SweetestCupcake) | 96 comments Mod
This is the place where you’re going to register. You just need to fill this form and give it back to me:
Full Name: (Write your character’s name)
Age: (The age of your character)
Godly Parent: (Write UNDETERMINED if you don’t know who’s your godly parent)
History: (Write your history)
Appearance: (Either write it or attach a picture)
Personalities: (Cat-Lover, Book-Worm, nervous, clumsy, etc.)
Hobbies: (reading, writing short stories, solving puzzles, etc.)
Best Skills: (Anything which you are good at.)
Worst Skills: (Anything which you can’t do, you hate to do, you want to do but you’re not good, etc.)
Other : (Is there anything else you think we should know?)
Well, all you have to do is fill this and send it here in this thread. You’ll be registered. If you need an example, here is the one which I filled when I came to this camp:
Full Name: Katherine Kitwood
Age: 13
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
History: I was borned in Calfornia. I do not remember my mother or father, but her voice and his kind smile. I was sent in an orphanage after my father died in a car crash when I was 4, and I never saw him or my mother again. When I was 10, my mother paid the orphanage to sent me into a boarding school, though she never met me. Since I was there, I started to have weird dreams and saw the things no one else can. When I was nervous or angry, the letters on my book seems to float here and there. That’s when a satyr came to me to take me to Camp Half-Blood, and now here I am.
Appearance: Dark brown, wavy hair ; Dark blue, sparkling eyes; Fair, acne-less and pimple-free skin ; baby pink, smooth lips.
Personalities: Book-Worm, light sleeper, full of discipline, have anger issues, intelligent/clever, ambitious.
Hobbies: Reading, writing novels, playing football.
Best Skills: I’m good with swords.
Worst Skills: I want to learn archery, but I’m not very good at it.
Now, follow me so we could get your weapon and t-shirt.
((To get the t-shirt and know what’s the next step, go to Get Your T-Shirt thread.))

message 2: by Cinder (new)

Cinder Harper (pineappleofpizzaland) | 57 comments Name : Kai Summers

Age: 13

Godly Parent: Iris

History: Nothing really exciting, normal(ish) kid that had a normal(ish) life... kind of like Percy's just without the getting kicked out of school part

Appearance: Short shaggy brown hair, green grey eyes, slightly tanned skin and a green beanie.

Personality: Defensive, needs to met people to trust people, slightly dark

Hobbies: Reading a book and gymnastics

Best skill: Throwing things (like knives)

Worst skill: Can't meet people in the eye and takes a bit of time to trust people

message 3: by Hildegard, Activities Director (new)

Hildegard Zillions (HildegardTheBest) | 39 comments Mod
Full Name: Hildegard Zillions

Age: 14

Godly Parent: Ares

History: I used to live in Manhattan, in an orphanage. A girl, called Phoebe, was my best friend. One day, Mrs. Bradley, our teacher, turned into a monster and tried to eat us. Thankfully, Phoebe was a half-blood too. She fought with the monster. Then she took me to the Hunters Of Artemis. She asked me to be a hunter too, but i refused. So she dropped me here, at Camp Half-Blood, and went back to her huntering.

Appearance: My profile picture.

Personalities: Disciplined, educated, kind-hearted but looks stern.

Hobbies: Reading legends and greek folk, writing novel/stories.

Best Skills: Swordfighting

Worst Skills: I didn't discovered that yet.

message 4: by Anna (last edited Oct 27, 2016 01:49PM) (new)

Anna | 94 comments Name: Alex Aveyard

Age: 15

godly parent: Athena

history: Both parents are missing, lived in a foster home for 13 years, worked in a books store, for her foster parents. Felt neglected for most of her life, but still magenges to be postive. This is her second year at camp.

appearance: blonde brown hair that gose half way down Alex's back, tall, needs glasses but prefers contacts,

personality: Kind, strong, trustworthy, active, bookish, funny

hobbies: LOVES reading, running, swimming, hanging out with friends, archery, did I say reading?

best skills: READING! archery, running, swimming, oracle like powers

worst skills: bad come backs, really bad fighting with the left hand, loves sleeping

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Name:Hailey Chong
godly parent:Athena
history:my dad died in a car accident when i was five and my mom left me when i was born. i live with my stepmother who is really mean to me so i ran away and found a few friends who are mortals but really nice to me. in the next few months,they gave me money to buy books to study myself. i found the book about greek myths are really interesting and realizing that i can read greek. one day, my friends told me to visit their school but after a while monster came. the first monster i ever fought is a manticore and when i am 10. so i spend five years with my friends. after fighting manticore, a satyr take me to camp-half blood.
appearance: dark hair with brown stripes in it, blue eyes, slightly tan skin
personality: kind, nice, sometime thinking differently, secretive ,defensive and would do anything to save her friends.
hobbies:reading, sword fighting, archery
best skills:sword fighting(but has to be with a knife or dagger or blade. others wont work for me), archery, leading
worst skills:fighting with a sword or a long weapon, a bit problem at meeting people and getting along cuz spend a long time alone.

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message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna | 94 comments Girl,

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay… :)

message 9: by Rells (new)

Rells (gingerwolfie) Full Name: Malia Allen
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Hecate
History: So i grew up with my dad- a nice pizza making dude- but when i was about 9 i started seeing real creepy stuff. i got cornered a few times by the creatures, but my dad seemed to know what they were and how to fight them, so i was fine. but when i was 11 my dad was kidnapped by the monsters cuz they thought he was a demigod- i mean with my scent all around them how cud the blind freaks not tell- so i decided to leave. yeah, it was heartbreaking, but i get to see him a lot since he comes up to CHB every month and he brings me pizza!!!
Appearance: short, red curly hair, a few freckles splashed on nose and cheeks, big green eyes
Personality: bookish, loud, friendly/outgoing, loves cookies (will even cry over them)
Hobbies: reading, doodling, tricking people with illusions (my demigod power)
Best Skills: illusions and throwing daggers
Worst Skills: footwork

message 10: by Olivia (new)

Olivia - Inactive for the next 2 weeks- Age: 14-15
Name: Olivia Oakland
Godly Parent: Hecate
History: She lost her dad a year ago because of some guy that shot him almost in front of her, she shot him back, no idea how she did it though, it just happened
Appearance: Blonde hair sometimes plaited making it slightly wavy, amber eyes, tanned skin and galaxy bow on the end of her plait
Personality:Shes usually very happy and willing to listen to anyone about anything, not matter what type of person they are, dosen't lie unless necesary (wich really sucks for her)
Hobbies: Shooting arrows to improve her aim, reading, hanging out with people, just relaxing outside
Best skill: memory games, target shooting
Worst skill: She can be bribed quite easily if it has something to do with family

message 11: by Anushka (new)

Anushka R. | 71 comments Full Name: Skyler Zander

Age: 13

Godly Parent: Tyche

History: I grew up in the suburban area of New York with my stepmom, my dad, and of course my little ball of fluff that is a dog called Lily. I loved it there, I had so many friends, and I was pretty popular in school. But one day, when I was 11, there was this weird house down the road. In that house lived a new neighbor, named Mrs. Pento. She looked really funny, with sharp teeth and weird eyes. On a school day once, I was walking home, and the supposed "Mrs. Pento" attacked me. Luckily for me, my dad was mowing the lawn outside, so I ended up surviving. But, he then sent me to Camp Half Blood to lay low for a while. Since then, I have been going to Camp Half blood every summer.

Appearance: tan, tall, green eyes, long brown hair with highlights at the end.

Personality: Bubbly, jumpy, book-worm, mischievous and a bit hyper.

Abilities: able to enchant anything, finding horseshoes.

Hobbies: gardening, gymnastics, writing, dancing, playing pranks and coin collecting.

Best Skills: Ti-Kwan-Do, pranks, catching, finding four leaf clovers, and swords.

Weaknesses: loves Indian food, Skittles, and time management.

Stuff: little tent, survival pack, packs and packs of pranks, and more.

message 12: by Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (last edited Oct 30, 2016 08:42PM) (new)

Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 14 comments Full Name: Jessamine Brynn White
Age: 12 nearly 13
Godly Parent: Unknown
History: Jessamine's mother died when giving birth so she(Jessamine) was put into the foster system right away. Right before she turned three she was adopted by two lovely people. They were good friends with Jessamine's mother. She grew up like a normal human girl, not a demigod or anything. She started dancing and has been doing it nearly her whole life. On the eve of her 12th birthday, something attacked her so her parent didn't know what to do. They sent her to an academy in New York so she could continue dancing in hopefully a safer place. Boy, were they wrong. Shortly after getting used to the new school and teachers she was attacked again. This time after she met a satyr, who was not her protector, he brought her to Camp Half-Blood a month before her 13th birthday.
(view spoiler)
Personalities: Kind, (can be) very Clumsy, mischevious. smart, graceful
Hobbies: Dancing since she was 3, gymnastics since 4, messing around.
Best Skills: Dancing, solving puzzles and mind games,
Worst Skills:Lousing and sportsmanship, archery, basically any fighting.
Other :

Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 14 comments sorry if the picture doesn't show up in the spoilers. I haven't coded on here in a while.

message 14: by quq (last edited Feb 10, 2018 10:09AM) (new)

quq  (190511) Full Name: Asita Winter Abadale
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Khione
History: Asie was abused by her father until she was 9 years old and her father was killed. Her abilities began to make an appearance at an early age and her father called her a freak of nature and a monster. She was sent to foster care until recently this year when a satyr found her and brought her to camp.
Appearance: Asita -
Sari -
Personalities: She is shy and doesn't really trust anyone. Asie is quiet and scared and almost anything can make her jump. She likes being alone with her pegasus, Sari.
Hobbies: Drawing and riding Sari
Best Skills: Using her abilities, which she doesn't do often, and drawing
Worst Skills: Fighting, being in pressured situations, and being social
Other: She can be clingy if she finds someone who she truly trusts.

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