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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Name: Silver Ora Smith

Nickname: SOS

Alias: Siren, Snow Queen, Cursed One

Age; 14

Birthday: Dec. 24 2002

School: Home schooled

Grade: 8

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Zach

Relationship Status: Single

Appearance: Silver is tall and has definite features. She is deathly pale and has hair to match. Her hair is silver and above the ears and has the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol shaved onto the left side. She has a scar that goes two inches above her left eye, through it, and ends a half an inch above her pink lips. Her left eye is silver and the right is black. She usually wears a black leather jacket, t-shirt with a catchy saying, jeans and tennis shoes. But she will wear a uniform. She wears a diamond watch and a silver heart locket that has pictures of her birth parents. She rarely takes them off. She has black nail polish with silver swirls. She might wear a silver lipstick with black swirls once in a while. She has a tattoo going from her left wrist to her shoulder. Her arm is coated in black vines with thorns and silver roses. The first rose is on top of her left hand and the last one is on top of her shoulder.

When she was with Silvernight she wore a black two piece jumpsuit. She would also wear a grey cloak with a hood. But, some how, no matter how much light shines at her face you could never see her face.

Dress Style: Modern, able to move

Personality: Silver is a pensive, mentally precocious, precarious, vivacious kind of girl. She talks a lot but rarely about her past and rarely at her birthday. She loves good music and loves a good game. But when it nears her birthday she withdraws more and more in grief and sadness. If anyone is threatened because of her she can become reckless and will do just about anything to let them live.

Silver grew up in Smith Manor and was home-schooled. Her mother was Sarah Smith and her father was John Smith, She was considered spoiled but she always helped others with her presents and cash. She had a family friend named Harry Jones. She called him Uncle, well she did. But, Dec. 24 when was seven she awoke to the sound of a gun. She went downstairs, holding a chair as a weapon. But whoever was there was gone. And they left wreckage. The hall was a mess, chairs were matchsticks, table was splinters and there was blood on the wall, spelling SOS. She found her parents in the middle. They were dead by a bullet to the head. And there was a note scribed on their necks. On her mother's SOS is mine - Stalker Her father's I'm coming SOS - Stalker Her birthday was Dec. 24. And Harry Jones killed her parents and is now in prison.

She went into Foster Care after the funeral and left three years later. She had been in twelve homes and abused every time. She lived on the streets and started Silvernight. Her code name was/is Evolution. And her two friends Zach Richard Diamond a.k.a Emotion, Sapphire Opal Diamond a.k.a Earth. They lived on the streets and helped each other. Then one day there was news of Harry Jones being let out. Zach convinced Silver go back to Foster Care and Silver did and found a good home. She occasionally sees Emotion and Earth outside her window.

Silver finally found a home with Era Lopez and Jack Lopez. They love her as much as they can but Silver calls them by their first name because she is still mourning. Era and Jack had a hard time finding her a good school because Silver was advanced. Sarah and John had taught her almost all they knew. So the found this school, signed her up and now she's here. Worrying about Harry and the accidences at school. But there has been talk Zach and Sapphire might be coming to school.

Family: Sarah Smith-49-dead, John Smith-50-dead, Era Jackson-39-Foster mother, Jack Jackson-40-Foster father


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