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Ray Hollar-Gregory | 9 comments I am a new fiction writer, and similar to many of you I anxiously thought about how my work would be received by family, friends and other colleagues. The anxiety was based on my anticipation of their perceptions to the themes and characters development. Would the depraved immoral acts of my protagonist be interpreted as a memoir, biographical depiction of my life and me? How will family react? I had to ask myself if, in fact, that’s who I was and used fiction for cover. Only when I accepted that my writing was greater than me, was I able to move forward and publish; notwithstanding speculation, opining and criticisms both positive and negative. It unchained and freed my creativity to enter a dimension I had not experienced before. I was a writer expressing not my story but channeling universal themes and life situations. The community of human existence/experience is not always pleasant--but such is life.

I am a novice in the world of fiction. I am by day a mild mannered professor, lawyer husband, father etc. My writing and readings tend to be nonfiction with a preference for social behaviorism, (M.Gladwell, D.Brooks) and politics. I am intrigued with understanding human psychology. Our purpose, who are we, the journey? But I am equally convinced that there is no answer. My writing like many before, and those to come, explore this unanswerable phenomenon. The cover of my book a Picasso like abstract painting of a person whose face is split in half and it’s pointing a finger toward the Other Side—it works well with the title of my book. Like all of us I am a creature of duality, hypocrisy and a paradox of conflicted choices. I appropriately conduct myself in the multiple roles I live. I am composition of positive and negative, laughing and crying, exuberant and depressed, good and bad. So are my characters. My book is full of conflict (among people and also within the protagonist himself). It is gritty realism. I am not just the male protagonist but I am his female wife, mistress and others. But they are not necessarily me, they are all of us. So now, when others are shocked that I can depict sexuality, child abuse, racial discrimination, drug abuse and unpleasant human depravity so vividly, and they make false assumptions that personally implicate my character; I tell them I am a writer, free to explore distasteful and shocking human frailty without remorse or personal guilt. I am channeling you and me and all of us. That’s what we do.

message 2: by Rajiv (new)

Rajiv Bakshi (authorrajivbakshi) | 1 comments Hi . I am a first time Author from India . I wrote my first book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara : book on short stories : book is now in 108 libraries in India , 15 countries , 3 libraries in USA
It's really easy to write , but so difficult to convince people to buy the Book . What's the opinion of other Authors . Does not every body want a free complimentary signed copy ?
I hope some of the readers of this group will read my book . They need not spend 9.99 $ to order the book from
They just need to suggest my book in the libraries they go and put the book on HOLD via the library card .
I am sure you have read & re read most of Authors from the West . It's time to change . And try an Indian Author too .
#amwriting .

Angel Strong | 5 comments Hello Ray,

I am truly looking forward to reading your book 'The Other Side'. I will bumping it up to next on my to-read list.

Have an awesome day!

message 4: by Ray (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ray Hollar-Gregory | 9 comments Angel:
Very good to hear. I think you will find it entertaining and informative. Enjoy and we'll chat! Also, vote tomorrow!

Angel Strong | 5 comments I'm definitely voting!

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