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message 1: by Holly, Owner Of Group (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly Sparks (hollygal123) | 54 comments Mod
Happy first of October everyone!

Are you feeling the fall weather yet? Here in the UK the leaves are turning brown and golden, with the swift wind placing the crunching leaves under our feet. The air has turned crisp and windy and I can even smell Autumn creeping in! As you may have guessed, I love this time of year, especially with Halloween around the corner. Time to load up on candy and watch scary films all night, hiding from the kids that continue to beat down our door demanding chocolate that I don't want to share with my fellow neighbours. Ha. I'm greedy like that.

Any Autumn lovers here?

As you may have realised, there has been no poll this month. For October I have decided between a few other aswell, that we will be reading Hex Hall but Rachel Hawkins. This read is marvellous. It's spooky, thrilling and so incredibly humorous also as Rachel's book series is one of my favourites. I guarantee you'll love this book like I do!

In other news, we have an announcement to make, since I have become incredibly busy working on my sequel to be released next year, we have a new moderator to welcome! Say a warm hello to David who will be working with me to discuss all further books and themes. You can find him on our moderators page and if any of you have any book suggestions for this club, then feel free to drop him a message. He doesn't bite.

Thank you for reading everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy reading Hex Hall!


David Schafer-Griffus | 24 comments Mod
Hey guys!

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you to Holly for that warm welcome! As she said, if you have any suggestions for the polls just drop me a message. I really don't bite, unless you ask of course :-)

Hope you guys all enjoy reading Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, I know I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks again!


David Schafer-Griffus | 24 comments Mod
Finally I am starting Hex Hall! As always, if you would like to talk about the book you welcome to do that here, just be warned that there may or may not be spoilers. I will try to keep them out of my responses but sometimes it can't be helped.

Hope you all enjoy!


David Schafer-Griffus | 24 comments Mod
Alright guys! I just finished it and OMG! that was such an amazing book. I really liked that it was like Harry Potter, very refreshing!

Let us know your thoughts on this guys!

Happy reading!


message 5: by Holly, Owner Of Group (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly Sparks (hollygal123) | 54 comments Mod
Hex Hall is just fantastic isn't it, David?! I love the way in which Rachel Hawkins propels the main character into the plot line and how she portrays her characters to be witty, smart and endearing all in the same book.

It is a masterpiece of you ask me.

What's everyone else's opinions?


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