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message 1: by Janne (new)

Janne Bjørgan (jbjorgan) | 36 comments Mod
So what do you think of the book?

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 13 comments I loved it so much!!

message 3: by Lu (new)

Lu (itsluagain) | 26 comments This book literally consumed my life! It was so hard to read after finishing this book!!!!!!

message 4: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 13 comments Yes I agree! There was so much action, and Laia had so much character development and Elias, oh my baby Elias.

message 5: by Janne (new)

Janne Bjørgan (jbjorgan) | 36 comments Mod
Yes! The book I'm reading now is so dull compared to AEITA. Every chapter felt like a cliffhanger!

And I too really appreciated a main character who wasn't all bold and brave in the typical way, but more human and hesitant. Scared. That's so underestimated, and I feel I learned something by reading this.

message 6: by Janne (new)

Janne Bjørgan (jbjorgan) | 36 comments Mod
But what did you guys think about the Commandant?
I'm having trouble believing a person could be so evil. Even when we got to know some of her story, it didn't explain that much to me.

message 7: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 13 comments I did think it was interesting to read about Laia! She had flaws and was scared at times. It was more interesting to read about. Her thought process was very unique because she was there to save her brother and she knew if she was too bold she could risk being caught.

Also the commandant was horrible it made me so angry!

message 8: by aninkworld (new)

aninkworld | 2 comments I loved it and Elias is just perfect! I both like and don't like Helene because she's smart, brace and loyal but I don't like how she just accepts the politics, the system and how she says that Laia "just is a scholar slave" but I really want to get to know her better! And I'm so curious about how Marcus gonna be as a emperor! And I'm hoping for more magic in the second book, it's so mysterious! Gonna definitely read the other books! And I loved how every chapter was as a cliffhanger and you just needed to read the next! Laia is also a really good and realistic character!

message 9: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 13 comments I agree with you!! The characters acted like real human beings! Sometimes you liked them and sometimes they annoyed you so much!!

I think Tahir did an amazing job with writing the characters!!

message 10: by Janne (new)

Janne Bjørgan (jbjorgan) | 36 comments Mod
Yes and she did an amazing job describing the world too! And the history, what had happened felt so true. It felt like I had sand between my toes and I really understood how it must feel to be suppressed like that. It sort of reminded me of conflicts in the world today, in the Middle East for example.

message 11: by Lu (new)

Lu (itsluagain) | 26 comments Sorry i am so late to reply, the commandant scared me so much, she is just so evil!!! I was always thinking that she would hurt Laia too much!!!!

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