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lorien | 2558 comments Mod
Here you can post your short story for this competition using the genre that earn the most votes. Good luck to everyone and may the best writer win!

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma (Candymouse) | 2 comments Um, what genre got the most votes?

message 3: by lorien, In Between (new)

lorien | 2558 comments Mod
Emma wrote: "Um, what genre got the most votes?"

Fantasy/Magic earn the most votes. Also, you may use 1000 - 5000 words in your story. That should be plenty but if you go over board, no worries. I understand and I'll probably make the same mistake too. Happy writing everyone! : )

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When do we have till to write our short stories?

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lorien | 2558 comments Mod
*~Lan Lan~* wrote: "When do we have till to write our short stories?"

Until the 28th of October. Since Fantasy/Magic won for having the most votes on the polls, all short stories we have to be about Fantasy/Magic. If you need to see the description, click on Poll and find the question : October Writing Competition.

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Skyril | 425 comments Here is my entry for this competition:

Troublesome Trickster Elves

Right at 2,300 words. Hope you all enjoy! Oh, by the way, read it in a narrator's voice :]

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A uhm... presented almost at the end but called my only choice... hope u have a good read and enjoy it too.
Only choice
In a far, far away land lived a wealthy prince who was well respected by his subjects. His Father crowned him with a crown of Purple when he was only 15 years. However he was to be married to crown the future princess as well. Everybody in the Kingdom looked forward to the upcoming event. Many passersby overheard the advisory council of the King suggests they organize a dance ceremony to facilitate the election of the future princess. Soon news went around the kingdom pleasing the ears of women and making men eager to get their daughters married to a wealthy man. They all gossiped about the maidens who were to be chosen and finally who the prince will choose.
As the day approached, notices were placed on all public corners around. The after effects were people tumbling against each other to get to read the notice first. All eligible maidens were to be between 16 and 18 years. There were no restrictions on the area of the land from which they females were to come from.
A few days later the prince was told that his royal friend from a neighboring kingdom was to visit. The dancing feast was finally sheduled for Wednesday at the banquet hall at HB square. During the week, event planners were given the task to arrange every detail concerning the feast.
They were many decorations, invitation Cards and enough flyers for important personalities. By the end of the week, great progress had being made in making the event a success. A special attire was kept aside for each of the participants to take part in the dance contest
The king gave orders that the dresses be delivered to the maidens homes just before the day of the ceremony.
Prince Rodney one of the guests of honour decided to visit a day before the feast. He rode his horse through the narrow forest path. He then saw two maidens fetching water from a well. He fell off his horse losing sight of the branch ahead of him.
As he opened his eyes he saw the most beautiful lady in his life pose her eyes on him. He reposed his head against her and then helped Himself up. She concerned tried to inquire about his health. He asked her name. Seeing his nobility she suspected he was a prince but replied politely. He gave her a purple gold chain. He suggested that she follows him to his kingdom. She shook her head. He afterwards insisted that they would meet with each other again.
The prince hastened riding his horse towards the palace and his friend had the greatest surprise seeing him there. They smiled with each other and proceeded to take seats inside the palace.
Prince Barry suggested he stays till the feast on the morrow. He nevertheless turned down the offer accepting to be back early enough. He journeyed through the forest hoping to meet beautiful Madalie whom he had earlier seen. She was nowhere to be found but the smile on her face was fresh in his mind. He promised himself that he was going to see her again.
Madalie and her friend rejoiced over what they had witnessed earlier the purple chain and the charming Prince Rodney. They spoke quietly to themselves while walking back home.

When the two girls arrived at madalie's Home, her mum scolded her desperately." Madalie, make yourself beautiful, i want you to be chosen." She presented the feast attire to her daughter and suggested the girl look after it and prepare against the following day. Madalie's Friend- hope said goodbye and rushed home to prepare she herself for the ceremony. She practiced a few dancing steps; prepared her beauty kits and slept early enough. Madalie left her home at exactly two the next day. Her friend later met her on the street. Soon many maidens resembling them were seen in public. They were applauded by all classes of people- those of high and low social classes. They were thought of by many to do something great for the future of their country.
The girls had thoughts of their own hoping to capture the heart of the prince. However Madalie had few expectations and never once placed herself in the position of a future queen.
Amongst those assembled in the banquet hall, prince Rodney took his seat by his friend's parents. Barry came in adorned in blue royal robes looking very handsome and rich. Many maidens were excited to see him. They starred continuously hoping they were the ones. After a speech, a few announcements, the dance begun at four pm. Prince Barry noticed Madalie dancing softly on the stage. He instantly fell in love with her. His father smiled when his son was stunned by one of the dancers. His eyes eagerly followed hoping to know the girl. He hoped it was what he was thinking "madalie". Rodney was equally enchanted by the dancers though he had to admit his eyes were only on Madalie. While looking at the girl he forgot to ask Barry if he was please with any of the girls on the stage.
The dance was over and the eager parents praised unceasingly. They jeered to support their daughters and cheer the prince till he made his choice. The prince was given the lead to make known to everyone his choice. He elegantly stood by Madalie and asked her to be his future wife.
Rodney watched helplessly unfold the unfortunate turn of events.
He also loved Madalie and hoped not to lose her. He remained silent and grieved inwardly for his lost love. Madalie left the hall and prince Barry followed her. They had a talk and she turned down his proposal. He begged her and told her to consider his offer.
The prince returned sadly to the palace after the conversation. When the eager crowd demanded to know his choice: The prince told them they would know the truth after a few days. He went to all the wise people of the land for advice knowing he could not make Madalie change her mind.
They told him of gods but however directed him to the god of love the sea god Amahdura. He departed to the god of the sea. During his brief encounter with the god of the sea, he was questioned on what he would do for love. He replied anything. The smiley god handed him a calabash of choicest fruits and further told him to present it to his true love. The eager Prince received the calabash and nodded. The troubled sea became still afterwards and the prince departed home.
Madalie alarmed by the princes proposal trembled all along afraid to be called anytime to the palace. She tearfully confessed the matter to her best friend. She acknowledged that she didn't love the prince and couldn't convince herself to do so. They sought for a rapid solution.
She thought of fleeing away from the kingdom disguised and her friend agreed to take her place in case of any visit from the palace. At home Madalie's mum rejoiced and celebrated the rumours that went around saying her lone daughter was the first choice. Her friends stopped by to applaud her luck and congratulate her. The cheerful mother accepted all their good wishes.
On the morrow Madalie observed from the window as the prince approached their house.
He was very confident and equally elegant . He was accompanied by a staff of more than a 100 subjects. His presence was announced by the royal guards.
Madalie's mum immediately woke up from her slumber in a feat afraid that their visit was rather unexpected. She ran, washed her face and wore her most beautiful dresses.
Madalie kissed her friend whose face was covered with a scarf and said thank you. She escaped through the window and ran off into the forest.
Her mum’s voice was heard a few seconds later complaining "O ' Madalie hope you are beautiful today". Her friend opened the door quietly and nodded in reply. Afterwards the door to their home was open and the prince walked in. He carried the calabash with him. The girl watched him afraid he was drawing too close. She also knew that even if she was unmasked it would be too late for Madalie would be far off by then.
She surprised received the calabash when prince Barry handed it to her. She immediately fell in love with the prince. He asked her to follow him to be his bride and Royal queen. She accepted. In town many bowed and paid their respects as the saw him walk with some maiden whose face was completely hidden. They were curious about the lady but suspected it was Madalie. Arriving at the palace he unveiled her before his parents and the royal advisers. A loud cry was heard soon afterwards that echoed throughout the palace. The innocent girl stood surprise and the king knew it was not the same girl he chose on the day of the feast. What had his son done, he wondered He was sad when he saw the dismay on the boys face. The council advisers and wise men crowned her with a crown of purple while the prince fell on the floor looking in a reverse direction and unconcerned. His father advised him to inform his subjects of his choice. The prince remained quiet and hardly said any words.
Haven't escaped Madalie succeeded to get out of the kingdom. There she met Rodney and accepted to always be by his side.
3 years later when prince Rodney dared visit the kingdom. He saw Madalie's had put to birth a beautiful prince. He congratulated his friend and gave hope a message from her faithful friend Madalie. They lovingly spoke for a long time. He later departed back to his kingdom.
In the streets Madalie's mum roamed searching for the reasons why her daughter was not the crown princess. She nonetheless was invited once or thrice to the kingdom to celebrate with the future Queen on feast days. The deceived prince returned back to the god of the sea to deposit the calabash. He confessed to the god of love that he never ended up with his true love but the charm worked on someone else. The god of the sea consumed the calabash and told the prince softly i hope you understood that love cannot be brought. The prince wondered why it worked on someone else and received an instant reply" Maybe she could love and stand you afterall. He thought of all the maidens who were eager to be his bride and concluded that someone else could have loved him even without the calabash. Rodney and Madalie lived happily too, where she reigned as future queen when Rodneys father died. Barry hardly suspected a thing when some years later he decided to visit Rodney. He saw the queen and remarked to his friend that she was very beautiful than many women.

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lorien | 2558 comments Mod
Title : The Great Drowsy Incident

In Frostfire Academy I was known as the "good student". I had decided a few weeks ago that the title should disappear once everyone knew what I was going to do.
My plan was genius. A few friends from the academy would distract everyone in Pearl City with Dream n' Sleeps while I flew on Shadow, my pegasus, and tossed Quintine.
Quintine is a mineral that sparkled like the stars if you throw it in the air, but if you wait, and look outside for a while, you start seeing the things you wanted most. The effect only lasts for five minutes so the people should be fine.
The people should be shown what matters to them most, now especially with what has happened during the past two months. After all, a little prank never hurt anyone, right?


This is it. The night my friends and I will have little fun.
"Everyone ready?" I yell, positioning Shadow up at the glittering top of Frostfire.
"Yeah!" and "Let's go!" answered my question enthusiastically.
I kicked Shadow, giving him the signal to dive down.
The wind was whipping my silver and black hair wildly and I loved it. Once we were close to crashing into the courtyard bellow us, I pulled on the reins and Shadow opened up his wings.
I looked behind me and all my friends were in black hoods with silver masks. If their pegasi weren't here to identify each rider, I would've mixed everyone up.
Everyone knew what to do. As soon as the moon came up, then we'd go into position and do our jobs.
The moon slowly rose up behind the mountain and glowed brilliantly. That was our cue and everyone dispersed.
I just hope they wouldn't get in trouble doing this. Sure it'd be lots of fun in the end and we would have stories to tell, but I hope it would be worth it.
"Let's do this boy." I whisper into Shadow's ears. His ears flick back to me with recognition.
I unhook the sack carrying the Quintine and sprinkle a little bit over the city.
Everything about Pearl City screamed, expensive! To the cute cottages that an array of gems were placed nicely, to the towering buildings that seemed to only glisten during the night.
I close my eyes, searching for my friend's minds. All six of them were safe and unharmed. Which was a relief.
I continue to sprinkle Quintine over the city and saw how it just glittered. I should stop looking at it otherwise I would just be affected with Quintine's hallucinations like the rest of the city.
I chose to stare at Shadow's mane waving back and forth because of the wind.
The effects from Quintine should be happening right about now.
I steer Shadow to the Four Seasons Tree. It was the rendezvous and we were all suppose to meet here once our jobs were done.
After a few minutes of waiting, all six riders showed up. Their pegasi landed gracefully, placing their hooves at exactly the right spots. Though a few of the rider's bodies seemed to be in a hunched position. I'll ask them later.
"There you guys are!" I said, waving my arms so they could see me. "I was beginning to get worried."
Faden hopped down from his saddle, while taking off his cloak and mask and walked over to me. "You should be even more worried with the news I'm about to tell you."
"Why's that?" I asked.
"It seems that most of our party is asleep along with the rest of the city." Faden said, combing his dark hair with his fingers.
"Why, would that be a problem?" Something is bound to be up. I can just feel it.
"Because, everyone should be awake by now or at least snapping out of Quintine's hallucinations. See how the lights are dimmering?" He said, pointing at the city.
He's right. The gems in the buildings react to body heat so whenever someone is awake, the gems glow just right but when someone decides to go asleep, the gems dimmer a bit which makes the building itself not as bright.
"It has been five minutes but maybe the effects are just lasting longer than usual."
"How much did you pour over the city, Scarlett?"
I showed him and Faden just nodded. "Looks like we weren't the only ones out here tonight."
"But who else would want to do this?" It was possible that it was simply a couple of students from Frostfire who wanted to play around just like us. After all, tonight was prankster night.
I shrug. "I think we should just wait for ten minutes then if nobody's awake we check it out."
"Okay. But only ten minutes," Faden smiled. "Might as well enjoy a beautiful night like this."
I blush madly while walking to the side of the cliff, dangling my legs on the edge.
Minutes later I find myself sleeping and slightly drooling. Someone shook me and I look up. Faden's bright turquoise eyes are staring right at me and I feel my head resting on his shoulder.
I quickly sit straight and stiffly look at the city. All the lights are off.
I clear my throat. "No one's awake yet?"
Faden shakes his head as if nothing happened. "Nope. Not a sound."
"What could this mean? Did I go too far with the Quintine?" I can't help but feel guilty with what's happen tonight.
"I don't think that's the problem. I think someone else decided to do something."
"But who?"
Faden's face darken. "I have a few ideas. Though I don't think they could help."
"What about we just go down there and see what's going on?" I suggest.
"Sure. The guards should be up and about since charms can't effect them." Faden walked to his pegasus, Moon, and climb into the saddle.
I did the same and then we were off.


As soon as we saw a stable to allow the pegasi to rest, we searched the guard houses.
Everything was eerily quiet and nothing moved. It was almost as if everyone was holding their breath. Pearl City was always busy no matter what part of the day it was. I should know from experience. Getting trampled with boots isn't fun.
I spotted a guard house and walked inside. A few dwarves were leaning on the wooden walls while some elves drank out of their mugs.
All eyes turned on us as soon as we entered.
Faden helped me out by speaking for me. "Guards of Pearl City, my friend and I have noticed that the brilliant city's lights are off. Could you care to explain what happened?"
One of the eleven guards spoke up and jerked his head at us. "Yes, we can. Though you shouldn't be up this late for children who go to Frostfire."
"Our teachers said that it was fine for us."
The elven guard laughed. "I'm sure they did. You two seem like the type I can tell the information to. Besides I'll just hunt you down if you tell a soul."
"I have no doubt, since you were, after all, one of the chosen to be a guard."
He let out a boisterous laugh even louder than before. "Your parents sure taught you to respect your elders youngster. Very well," He unclipped a pouch and held it out to us. "Take it. It should tell you the situation of the city and anything or anyone that caused this."
Faden grabbed the pouch and opened it slowly. Inside was a silver slab and once Faden tapped a finger on the front, it glowed a bright white.
Once my eyes adjusted to the light, a screen hover over the slab and it seemed to be a log.
I scanned through it. Mostly saying that the city is super quiet and everything was just still.
I nearly skipped a paragraph when I came over two words.
Moon Raiders.
I couldn't breathe and all I wanted to do was slap the tablet out of Faden's hands but he just gripped it even harder as he came across the words too.
He handed the tablet back to the elf. Faden's eyes were pleading to me. "We've got to go."
With that we sprinted out of the house and flew out of the city as fast as we could.

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