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Fluffy EveOfWords - October 2016 - WILD

I've chosen to read an excerpt from this book for this month's Evening of Words.
It was a close run between this and Maggie Stiefvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls books but this won out with it's running focus of a wolf's nature opposed to the romantic theme in the Mercy Falls books (I still love them though!)
I love the rough and savage nature of the protagonist and it really struck me and fitted well with the theme me so I decided to share it at the Readings.
I've chosen the section close to the beginning so I can include the poem as it draws nicely on the wolf inside.

Amanda Butter I read this book in my freshmen year of high school and I absolutely loved it!! I loved how the main character wasn't afraid to do what she wanted despite those around her. It was because I read this book that I read her other book Sliver Kiss which is in my humble opinion a great book to though this one has to do with vampires.

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Fluffy Thanks! I'd never heard of the other book but I'll make sure to check it out! They made a movie based on Blood and Chocolate but changed so much it's unrecognisable! :/

Amanda Butter Ya I was so mad that they messed up the story line!! I mean they made Gabriel the bad guy and a jerk to. Also Vivian ends up with Aiden! Which I hated because the whole point of the name of the book is her finding the difference between loving a human and a werewolf! Sorry I really like the book and to see them butcher it in movie form when the original story would have been a much better sell rubs me the wrong way.

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Fluffy Haha, no worries! Feel free to rant... I also get quite passionate about Hollywood's inability to truly capture a books essence. Blood and Chocolate, Beautiful Creatures and the infamous Eragon horror movie :( It's just depressing.

Amanda Butter It really is! I'm always scared to watch a book to movie because 9 out of ten times they butcher the story I love and it makes me so sad!

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Fluffy I know! I lose all motivation to watch them cause I know I'll be disappointed :( I also don't want them to alter how I've envisioned it. They always make people look different to the descriptions.

Amanda Butter I know what you mean. In the few Nora Roberts movies that they made in the early 2000's they messed them up so bad I was face-palming myself. I mention these because I love Nora Roberts and I was so excited to learn about the movies needless to say that's when my faith in book to movies really ceased to excised.

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Fluffy Haha XD I'll admit I never watched those but I don't regret it after hearing that! But even those that do a decent job can never compare to a book.

Amanda Butter Sadly that's true I think the only movie I have watched that has matched the book almost to a tee was A Fault In Our Stars. Which is a very good book if you haven't read it. Also the Outlander TV show pretty much matches the books not to a tee but pretty close in my opinion. But those are the only two in the hundreds of books I have read that were made into a movie.

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Fluffy I couldn't watch Fault In Our Stars movie cause the actors put me off as I'd seen them in the Divergent movie and couldn't divorce the idea of them being siblings! Also the books don't fall into my preferred genres. I'm glad some people are doing it properly though. Too many bad experiences have just left me untrusting now! :P

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Amanda Butter Man I totally didn't notice that!! And things like that never escape my knowledge darn it! But now that you pointed that out I can see how that would be a problem. I have a similarly one with Newt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them he also played in the Danish Girl where he was the first transgender male to female in 1931 Denmark I believe anyways he was a very convincing female so it was very hard to see him in a full male role. But to me he is a great actor because he pulled it off. Anyways sorry went off topic with that,,,But I guess that's one of the draw backs to being book lovers,,we fall in love with the words and Hollywood falls in love with the money. Have a little faith though I promise there are those movies that do right by the book.....there just far and few between :)

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Fluffy I have yet to watch Fantastic Beasts. I'm very unconvinced how they got a movie out of the funny little book it's based on. I do get the idea but a part of me is just screaming that it's a big sell out :( :( I will get to it though. Have to let myself settle with the idea. Same reason I refuse to read The Cursed Child.

Preach on! I completely agree with you there. Just have to sift through them. It's just depressing that everything Hollywood churns out these days is either a book to movie, reboot, sequel or adaptation! Not much original that you don't have preset ideas of...

Anyway makes the ones that are good even better by comparison I suppose (Always look on the bright side of life *whistles*) :P

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Amanda Butter I have to say I love the way you put things it makes me chuckle every time (I mean this in a good way I'm in no way making fun of you). Now back to business...I rather liked the Fantastic Beast movie but I have not read the script/book that's its based off of so sadly I can not give a 100% recommendation. But for the 50% that I do know I give it about a 8 1/2 on a 1 to 10 grading scale 10 being the best. I have kinda read the Cursed Child and what I read of it was amazing and funny I didn't finish it because I can not stand to read the script version of a book!! It drives me crazy to read a book like that!! Anyway back to movie to books I agree on all point :). I've been wondering if fantasy/Paranormal are the only kind of books you read??

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Fluffy Haha thanks! Glad I'm not the only one laughing at me ;)

I act a fair amount so I'm used to scripts but I do agree that they just aren't as captivating. Not the same experience at all as a novel.

Oooh you've seen through to my fault :/ I am very limited in my reading scope. I only really venture into fantasy or sci fi. I used to read my mom's Marian Keyes' books and similar but sort of lost my interest in the genre. It's very seldom that I try my hand at anything else. I use the excuse of being an escapist...

You seem to be a bit more widely versed, right?

Amanda Butter You act that's so cool!!!! What kind of acting do you do?? And yep I read a little bit of everything. I love learning and I'm super curious so staying to one genre just isn't possible for me I'd get bored. But I also use reading as a way to escape my world if just for a little while because half the time I don't like the world I live in.

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Fluffy Mostly amateur stuff in theatre. A little singing but its not my biggest strength! :/

I do get that. It's not the nicest place a lot of the time. Books give wings, worlds and anything you can imagine!
I do understand what you mean as I do sometimes need breaks from some genres but I don't venture too far! What do you read most often?

Amanda Butter Well it's still super cool :) any singing is better then mine so I bet you are great :). Most of the time I read anything that has to do with love and history or dark love. My favorite Authors are Sherrilyn Kenyon,J.D, ROBB and Lora Leigh and J.K. Rowling and Tamara Pierce. That was a little longer then I was expecting but its a lot easier to tell you the author then to list what I read the most because anything these author have wrote I have read. When they have nothing new out I just surf ebooks or my library for new reads I just finished most of the Outlander series book and TV show both are awesome though the books are huge :) and I'm about to start the book that inspired the Victoria TV series that's on masterpiece. What about you what's your favorite authors?

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Fluffy Haha Fair enough there!! That is an easier option than listing all the titles.
That's cool. I do get mixing it up. Sometimes I feel I need a break from a particular type of read; I just don't usually venture very far!
I can definitely see your history theme in those you mentioned. I don't watch many TV series, though I've been binge watching The Walking Dead recently O.O Do you read comics?
I love anything by Ann McCaffrey, I think she's amazing. I also like Maggie Stiefvater, Anne Rice and many others though I may have only read selected books or series by them.

Amanda Butter I read comics and manga. I also watch anime but I usually prefer to read the manga. I'm recently into any comic to do with Harley Quinn and the Joker. I'm super interested in their relationship and how it works. Anyways I watch alot of TV shows most of them are about history or cops :) though my favorite TV show is Firefly!! I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan. The only author I heard of from your list is Anne Rice which I haven't read but I love the movies. I looked up the other too and I'm going to read some of their books they look super interesting :).

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Fluffy Yay another otaku! I love shoujo in manga but tend to stick to anime for actions. What are some of your top picks?
I get your interest in Harley and the Joker. It's really fascinating, I'm hoping they might do a movie of it as Suicide Squad only briefly touched on it - though trepidations regarding movie adaptations still apply!
Anne Rice is brilliant but very heavy. Ann McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern books are my absolute favourite and I really recommend them. I try to read the series as often as possible but there's such good stuff coming out all the time it's hard to balance :( Aaaah first world problems ;) I'm glad theyv'e piqued your interest!

Amanda Butter I have to say my top five picks are...Naruto,Library wars love and war,Hana to Akuma,Wild ones,Mei-chan no Shitsuji. It's so hard to choose. :( What's yours? Also I'm just wondering what age were you when you got into Manga? I was 14 my first manga was Inuyasha hmm fond memories. :) I love Anne Rices stories but she is very long winded and I lose focus. :( so I sadly can't finishes one of her books. The next movie their doing is a Harley Quinn solo movie and she is rumored to be dating Poison Ivy in that one so I'm not sure if they will expand on the Joker/Harley relationship. Though I am hoping they will so I can see when Harley just has enough of the Joker's abusiveness and how she escapes. My favorite series I read all the time is the Protector of the small by Tamara Pierce.

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Fluffy Ha yeah choices are too many. My favourite manga is definitely Skipbeat! and I really enjoy Perfect Girl Evolution and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Anime I love are Tokyo ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin and oh the list goes on!
I have loved Digimon and used to watch it when I was like 10 or so and then started watching Bleach and others when I was about 12. Manga I'm not too sure when I started but probably around 13/14 too. I only really do romance and comedy in manga so it really depends on my mood. Guess I'm fickle :) Anything you're currently eading/watching?

Ooooh I didn't know they were doing a Harley movie, that's exciting. If it's Poison Ivy then I'm guessing it's after Suicide Squad setting? Hopefully we'll get some reference to how she became the way she is. I would really like to see it as a prequel though.

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