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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew May (drandrewmay) | 27 comments Hi there – I’m Goodreads author Andrew^^May and I’ve just spotted several titles listed under Andrew^May that are really mine. It would be great if you could move them across for me.

(1) The main new book is:

(2) There is also a book where I’m the “Andrew May” contributor:

And there are several books listed under Andrew^May which are actually different editions of books already correctly listed under Andrew^^May:

is a variant edition of

is a variant edition of

(5) And these three ...
... are all variant editions of

Hope that’s all clear and it’s not too much work to fix!


message 2: by Abcdarian (last edited Oct 01, 2016 08:22AM) (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments Think it's all OK now. Found another Isaac Newton also & moved it.

Are any other of these yours?

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew May (drandrewmay) | 27 comments Thanks very much - it looks perfect now. You're always so quick!

message 4: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments Are the books with "Scientist" as sub-title different from the ones without or just new editions? e.g. Albert Einstein and Albert Einstein: Scientist

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew May (drandrewmay) | 27 comments Sorry, I see you've type a bit more. No, none of the other "Andrew^May" books are mine. And as far as I know, all the Einstein books will have exactly the same text. I suppose it's possible the American ones will have British spelling changes to US spellings, but the publishers didn't tell me they were going to do that.

message 6: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments Thanks; I'll combine them then.

message 7: by Andrew (new)

Andrew May (drandrewmay) | 27 comments Great - thanks again for your help

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