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message 1: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (last edited Sep 30, 2016 09:24AM) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 5215 comments Mod
We have eight books to read from during October including two from September. The are The Second Winter by Craig Larsen it was published September 27, 2016 and The Mine by Antti Tuomainen published September 30, 2016. Other books published in October are The Unbroken Line of the Moon by Johanne Hildebrandt published October 1, 2016 also The Varangian by Bruce MacBain published October 4, 2016. We have a re-issued book called The Lost Boy by Camilla Läckberg re-issued October 11, 2016. Also we have The Midwife by Katja Kettu being published October 11, 2016. We have The Ice Lands by Steinar Bragi published October 20, 2016 and finally we have The Oslo Conspiracy: A Thriller by Asle Skredderberget published October 26, 2016. We will add books as they become known to us. Good reading.

message 2: by Gisela (new)

Gisela Hafezparast | 100 comments I have read the Lost Boy when a few months ago. It is definitely one of the better one of a series which despite myself I am quite addicted to.

The Mine also looks interesting.

message 3: by Sharon, Moderator (Netherlands) (new)

Sharon | 2479 comments Mod
Also read and enjoyed. The Lost Boy, Camilla Lackberg. 10/6/2013. Kindle 4/5.

message 4: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 5215 comments Mod
I've read 4 of the 8 books we have this month, so if you want to discuss them feel free.

message 5: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (last edited Oct 05, 2016 04:30PM) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 5215 comments Mod
We have another book in Fireraiser by Torkil Damhaug to be published in the U.K. on 20 October 2016, Is available to the U.K. now if you belong to NetGalley for free.

message 6: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 5215 comments Mod
Had to add Beyond the Truth by Anne Holt because I had the e-book and not the hard copy which was published October 8, 2016.

message 7: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 5215 comments Mod
We have The Hermit by Thomas Rydahl published October 6, 2016 winner of The Glass Key Award.

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