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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 89 comments ok i totally love music and i have this song that is perfect for jace/clary;D
its called Not A Second To Waste by A Rocet To The Moon

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 89 comments oh and u guys have any songs i would totally like to hear them;D

message 3: by Dana :D (new)

Dana :D | 46 comments what I've done By lnkin park for jace!

message 4: by Bella (new)

Bella | 4 comments Anyone ever heard of the song Halloween by Meg and Dia? The mood fits perfectly with Clary and Simon in City of Ashes.

message 5: by Dana :D (new)

Dana :D | 46 comments nopers... whats it like?????????????

message 6: by Bella (new)

Bella | 4 comments The song is quite sad. its about a person whos best friend dies and how they are having a hard time getting over it. Remember when in COA Simon got turned into a vampire and how sad it was? The song has the same sort of feel to it as the book does.

here's a link, if you want to listen to it.


message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Listen to Cathedrals by Jump Little Children. Mmmmmmm

message 8: by Dana :D (new)

Dana :D | 46 comments Iris (goo goo dolls) for the end of COG when the Fireworks are going off

message 9: by Marielle (new)

Marielle Savoie (mrsavoie) I think Comatose by Skillet might fit Jace, before Clary and heim get together.

message 10: by Tiny (last edited Nov 25, 2009 02:43AM) (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) I like that song that CC has on her CoG playlist
'Come on get higher - Matt Nathanson' IDK something about that song just totally makes me think of JXC maybe coz she mentioned it first but yeah I like that for them two...ill take a wild guess and think its meant for the end when they find out they're SPOILER not related lmaoo

message 11: by Marielle (new)

Marielle Savoie (mrsavoie) Ah, here's one for the whole series, 'Angels Fall First' by Nightwish.

message 12: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 62 comments I think "Dark Shines" by Muse fits Jace's personality mostly before he n Clary get together

message 13: by Bella (new)

Bella | 4 comments Another good Clary and Jace song is Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer.

message 14: by Amelle (new)

Amelle Kyre (the_shadowhunter) | 504 comments I like HALO by BEONCYE I think it fits great i like the part that says "i think im addicted to your light"

message 15: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) cute!

message 16: by Tiny (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) OMG I thought about that song too, and that line lol hmmm yeah I'm currently working on a playlist for my fanfiction and some of these songs are great (not that I'll steal them btw) lmao but yews good options!

message 17: by Amelle (new)

Amelle Kyre (the_shadowhunter) | 504 comments Another great song is "Two is better than one"
by Boys like Girls featuring Taylor swift
you guys have to hear it its wonderful and works great with Jace and Clary

message 18: by Bella (new)

Bella | 4 comments Sold My Soul - The Used. Its kinda Jace and Clary. Mostly, its Jace but it got portions that could be Clary talking to him. Its an awesome song.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

i love two is better than one

message 20: by Jazmyn (last edited Apr 04, 2010 08:50PM) (new)

Jazmyn | 38 comments SPOILER ALERT!!! when i describe why i picked a song for a certain moment, my explaination may include a few spoilers...

Make you Love me- Kaci Brown (for when Clary walks in on Jace and Aline, also for how Alec feels about Jace)

So Close, So Far- Hoobastank (Jace and Clary)

Savin' Me- Nickelback (the dream clary had of falling/burning angels, i also think of Jace every time i hear this song)

I'm with You- Avril Lavigne (when Jace helps clary when she went back to her house after getting the call from her mom while she was at the poetry reading)

Far Away- Nickleback (Jace and Clary)

The One- Gary Allan (this song reminds me of how jace feels about Clary)

the Reason- Hoobastank (really listen to the lyrics on this one. This song is for Jocelyn, and all the sacrifices she made for clary. for ex. she left behind her entire shadowhunter life to keep Clary safe.)

Your Call- Secondhand Serenade (for how Simon feels about Clary)

She Wolf- Shakira (for Maia, lol, this song just fits =D )

Tomethyfurseattackreading Aswiftkickintheyarbles. | 13 comments Well, I know that Adelaide will probably smash me up for this :) because I NEVER stop talking about the Horrors..
but I was thinking about when Jace has that screaming fit at Clary when she sees him with aline (is that her name? cnt remember!)
Who Can Say- The Horrors, because it's about a guy who leaves his love, and he doesn't know whether it'll help her have a better life or just fuck her up for good.

Attack Music- These New Puritans, for in the second book when they're all fighting on the boat

Monsters- The Sugars, for when Maia first becomes a werewolf and she's all freaked out in the werewolf bar thing. Maybe I've remembered it wrong, but to me I'm sure she'd be pretty confused,so yeah, this song

Night of the Vampire- The Moontrekkers for Raphael.

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division for Simon's overdramatic exit when he sees Jace and Clary kissing

It's My Party - Lesley Gore for when Clary and Jace has a bust up after they kiss in the first one. OK that one doesn't fit AT ALL but the title.


message 22: by Avery (new)

Avery | 1 comments Just so you know - Jesse McCartney (the lyrics really match Jace and Clary's feelings)

A Drop In the Ocean- Ron Pope (Ron Pope is an amazing artist that should be more well know and this song just makes you want to cry perfect jace and clary song.)

Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (my all time favorite song and the ultimate song for all the books! especially COG where SPOILER! they find out they are both part angel.)

Tears of an Angel-RyanDan (for Jace's grief about clary)

The Best Thing-Relient K (my favorite band! and i think it's perfect for the end of COG when everything is alright again)

If it Kills Me-Jason Mraz (for Simon about his feelings for Clary)

Just firends-Jason Reeves (favorite singer singwritter, this song is perfect for simon as well)

Reaching-jason reeves (for Jace and Clary)

wishing weed-jason reeves ( for how Jace and Clary can't get over their love for each other)

That's all i can think of right now :)

message 23: by Amelle (new)

Amelle Kyre (the_shadowhunter) | 504 comments any song that here and love i basicaly adapt it to the story

or i can see the caracters singing it in my head
its loads of fun you guys should try it

message 24: by Jazmyn (new)

Jazmyn | 38 comments lol. I'll have to try that some time.

message 25: by Amelle (new)

Amelle Kyre (the_shadowhunter) | 504 comments you should its fun

message 26: by Wendes (new)

Wendes | 48 comments "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace really fits the whole Jace and Valentine relationship

message 27: by Jazmyn (new)

Jazmyn | 38 comments yup yup yup. I love that song!

message 28: by Wendes (new)

Wendes | 48 comments hm the song "Even Angels Fall" by Jessica Riddle shows the ups and downs of Jace and Clary's relationship

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

...kay, so kinda cheesy but... oh, it is love, by hellogoodbye for magnus and alec... maybe? i know.. i fail...

message 30: by Jazmyn (new)

Jazmyn | 38 comments I've never heard that song, but I love Hellogoodbye :)

message 31: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (blargh) | 76 comments NO! you don't fail :)

i was thinking real hard... and i was thinkin'...
"Float On" by Modest Mouse for the Aqua-truck scene in City of Ashes
"Take it Off" by Ke$ha for everything Magnus
"Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs for Magnus' party in City of Bones
"Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer (the 'Hammer time!' part) for when Sebastian kills Max
"Let Me Out" by Future Leaders of The World for when Simon is in Prison

message 32: by Jazmyn (last edited Feb 12, 2011 09:02PM) (new)

Jazmyn | 38 comments I love your choice for Magnus!!! Best ever!I can totally see Magnus singing/dancing to that song.

message 33: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 62 comments Alot of good choices there

message 34: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (blargh) | 76 comments =D

message 35: by Lore (new)

Lore (lorenotlorax) | 75 comments 'Trust Me' by The Fray is a total Jace and Clary song.

'Fall for Anything' by The Script is one I'd use for the way Isabelle's parents see her.

'I can't stay away' by The Veronicas refers to all the Jace and Clary times during COA and most of COG.

'Secret' by Missy Higgins is a good magnus and Alec one.

'Dead man Walking' By The Script is a good one for the relationship Simon tried to have with Clary in COA.

And that's all i got. ;)

message 36: by Wendes (new)

Wendes | 48 comments Awesome song choices!!

message 37: by Juan (new)

Juan Castiblanco (jpc9516) | 169 comments Dana :D wrote: "Iris (goo goo dolls) for the end of COG when the Fireworks are going off "

I was totally listening to that song while I was reading COG :)

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

i cant decide by the scissor sisters for Sebastian (lol)

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (ilyjacewilljem) | 30 comments for the specific scene in COA when clary is with alec and izzy at the bone city rescuing jace-someday love will find you(especially when it says "break those chains that bind you" cuz thats what happens!)

message 40: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (papercutprone) | 2 comments Come Back to Me - David Cook Forget you- cee lo green Jar of hearts- christina perry Apologize, Stop and Stare, All Fall Down- all by the OneRepublic The Reason- Hoobastank

message 41: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (papercutprone) | 2 comments sorry, enter bar's not working

message 42: by Ky (last edited Jun 08, 2011 08:06AM) (new)

Ky "pretty buildings" by people in planes reminds me of alec. 0_o
but yeah. and like "alive and amplified" by the mooney suzuki for jace bwahahahahah ;D (just the chorus tho)
and not the lyrics but the sound of the song..."ulysses" by franz ferdinand for magnus. lmfao. sorry. those songs just remind me of the characters.

OH! for reals though!
"passive" by a perfect circle for jace. :D

message 43: by Ky (new)

Ky alright I got more. this is fun.
"superfast jellyfish" by gorillaz for simon. ahahahahaa.

alright I swear I'm serious now.
"wait for you" by atreyu for clary &jace

message 44: by Maddy (new)

Maddy (maymaychan) "I've got the magic in me" for Magnus. The first time I heard it my brain thought of him :)

message 45: by Inês (new)

Inês (nesborges) | 74 comments Throught the glass by Stone Sour Perfect for jace and clary (i made this vid

message 46: by Inês (new)

Inês (nesborges) | 74 comments and for intro song (maybe the false king by two steps from hell would be great for that)

message 47: by Inês (new)

Inês (nesborges) | 74 comments David Days you've been on my mind for simon and clary

message 48: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 62 comments I love Stone Sour's 'Through glass'. Never thought to put it to Jace and Clary but it works. Congrats on the vid aswell.

message 49: by Rose (new)

Rose (roseanswers) | 9 comments What Do You Want From Me - Adam Lambert
It's strange, i know, cause it really has nothing to do with the book, but every time i hear this song, i imagine Jace singing it for Clary. With Simon on the drums, Magnus on guitar and Alec on bass.

I Had A Dream - R Kelly
I imagine Magnus singing it for Alec at the end f CoG.

message 50: by A (new)

A A | 20 comments I was just thinking about : Enrique Iglesias - Hero... :(

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